LAZNIA 1 2014 - Immersion
Justyna Wencel, Marcin Chomicki
1 August – 9 November 2014
Immersion, installation on the bridge / moving image in space / land art
Venue: Bridge between the Lower Town and Olszynka
We thank for the support from the Lambda Group 
Immersion, the artistic creation by Justyna Wencel and Marcin Chomicki came into being on a bridge which links two parts of Gdansk: Down Town and Olszynka. The bridge is a very important route for the pedestrians, cyclists, anglers, Nordic walking, dog owners, runners, and family with children going to a nearby playground. The painting land-art intervention has transformed the bridge into a moving picture which has impact on the vast space around the bridge and re-defines the perspective of a spectator.
This work’s feature is characterised by move and change. Depending on light, way and speed with which you move across the bridge, the colour impressions of the bridge user will change. The user who is immersing in the moving picture becomes the main figure of the installation. The bridge is thus, as O. Hansen put it, a background which emphasises a human being. The directions on the bridge have been assigned a different colour range – a warm versus cold one. The colours of the railing shimmer, get opalescent, permeate and mix which is constructing individual visual experience of each individual user.
Marcin Chomicki
Born 1976. He graduated from Painting Faculty at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2005) and Assyriology at Oriental Institute of Warsaw University (2000). He started to work at the Academy of Fine Art in 2004, and in 2011 he defended his Ph.D. thesis at University of Arts. His speciality is art in public space, painting, photography, 3D animation. He was showing his works on exhibitions in Poland and in abroad: Biała Gallery, Lublin; Arsenał Gallery, Białystok; Zachęta National Art Gallery, Warsaw; Szara Gallery; Cieszyn; Appendix2 Gallery, Warsaw; Contemporary Art Centre, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw; Platan Gallery, Budapest; Polish Institute, Budapest; Polish Institute, Rome, Italy. He received three scholarships from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2006, 2009, 2013) and from Young Poland programme (2011). The author of several public space projects, including the Skarpa Project. Reactivation! POWER CULTURE RECREATION developed together with Justyna Wencel in Warsaw (2011). In the period 2009-2013 a co-creator and co-manager of the 2.0 Gallery at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He lives and works in Warsaw.
Justyna Wencel
A visual artist. A graduate of Painting Faculty at Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw, English Faculty at Warsaw University and Teacher’s College. Ph.D. in Fine Art. She is interested in video, installation, objects and art in public space. She works with memory, identity and family archive. She lives in Warsaw and has participated in many individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad and video festivals. She received two scholarships from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. She works in Zmiennicy, an artistic duo with Marcin Chomicki which operates in the area of public space memory and propagates contemporary artistic forms of monument. The author and co-author of many artistic projects in urban space. In the period 2012-2013 she was a curator of the 2.0 Gallery at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
The project is developed within the framework of THE OUTDDOR GALLERY OF CITY OF GDAŃSK. The project was supported by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Republic of Poland 
Municipal Institution of Culture