LAZNIA 2 2015 - Lost Dreams Office
Elżbieta Jeznach - Lost Dreams Office
CCA Łaźnia 2, ul. Strajku Dokerów 5, Gdańsk - Nowy Port
Exhibition: 18.07–23.08.2015
Opening: 17.07.2015, 6:00 pm
Onirage: 17.07.2015, 6:30 pm
Artist: Elżbieta Jeznach
Coordination: Aleksandra Tatarczuk and Tymoteusz Skiba
Most of us should be able to recall at least one situation when we wanted to retain a dream.Return to the oneiric dreamworld and immerse in the most pleasant of sensations.Just for a moment.Just once, just one last time.Thanks to an incredible space created using surreal scraps, torn out of reality by a Polish-born artist living in Paris, Elżbieta Jeznach – this has become possible for each and every one of us. In the Lost Dreams Office, our dreams are locked in cubes of meanings, lost between clouds of pillows, under the tender care of the Dozing Nuns. Ephemeral, and yet full of true power. We can immerse in them like in rejuvenating, dreamy water.Allow ourselves to be carried by the mysterious rhythm.Hear their pure tone.Lose ourselves in the incredible series of revelations.Return to the surreal world, which we have lost for a moment in the sequence of events unfolding in reality.Suffice it to peek inside through a peephole and lend an ear.The dreams will open up to us. In this unique atmosphere, we are bound to recall our utopias, unfinished ideas, mislaid secret thoughts, hidden in-between spaces and in-between time, lost dreams and mysteries.
Elżbieta Jeznach is a stage designer, actor and director. She organises puppetry workshops. In 1990, she moved to Paris. There, in 1997, she founded the theatre troupe Miettes de Spectacles. She collaborated with François LAZARO for the Dead Words production. She is responsible for the following puppet productions: Hopscotch (1999), Theatre of Twisted Things (2000), Wild Light (2002), Professeur Galopin, based on a text by Roland Topor. Saint Proutto (2002), L’Ambigu (2003) and Alice au pays des lettres (2005) were all inspired by Topor’s oeuvre. Jeznach founded the Portable Museum of Children’s Drawings (2007). In 2009, she produced the ecological performance Tête à Terre, in 2011 – Le bureau des rêves perdus, based on Agnieszka Taborska’s book, in 2012 – another ecological production Nouvelles du Mondes, and in 2014–15 – Un monsieur tout froissé.
Her productions were shown in numerous festivals in France, including Clastic Théâtre, Marionnettes en Chemins, the Paper Theatre Festival, the Northern Star Theatre Festival, le Théâtre du Grand Parquet and the National Scene of Dieppe as well as the Animator Festival in Poznań (2011), Lalka też człowiek festival in Warsaw (2012/13) and Animo Festival 2012/13 in Kwidzyn.
Video documentation - performance
Accompanying events:
Workshops for children Being Like Salvador Dali, conducted by Wojciech Gadomski i Maria Olizar-Zakrzewska, 13-17.07.2015, 10.00 am – 3:00 pm
Agnieszka Taborska’s lecture: 2.08.2015, 6:00 pm
Finissage: Screening of Marquis directed by R. Topor, 23.08.2015, 7:45 pm
Municipal Institution of Culture