LAZNIA 1 2015 - IN PROGRESS I Hélène Breschand
Hélène Breschand
Jaskółcza 1, Dolne Miasto Gdańsk
In Progress is a regular series of meetings focused on experimental contemporary music, with musical events often being combined with theatre, para-theatrical activities, dance, film and audiovisual art. It is a project that allows you to not only listen, but also to understand the latest trends in Polish and foreign music.
Hélène Breschand is a highly versatile musician who works across several genres, from contemporary music to Jazz. She has a career as both a soloist and a chamber musician and her works includes, improvisation, musical theatre and the visual arts. She works with composers such as Luciano Berio, Emmanuel Nunes, Yoshihisa Taira, David Toop, and collaborates regularly with theatre and dance companies. She is also a co-founder of the group Laborintus.
Hélène Breschand played harp  in 2012′s performance of Star-shaped Biscuit. A new atmospheric opera devised and written by author, David Toop. For more information about Hélène visit
Municipal Institution of Culture