LAZNIA 2 2015 - Aïlien Reyns
Ailien Reyns
“Are you there?”
Audiovisual portrait
Residency period: February – April 2015
Curator: Jacek Wachulewicz
Co-ordinator: Joanna Dobrowolska
"Are you there?" project by Aïlien Reyns took an attempt to analyse how contemporary families communicate from a long distance. During her residency she tried to reach exactly these families whose members went abroad in search of work. In her research Reyns tried to relate to the topic of digital media (especially Skype) as a modern means of communication from a distance. She focused on the kind of relationship that can be obtained through the use of modern media.
Looking at this contemporary form of long distance communication in a broader historical context one can notice that the post-WWII generation remained in contact with their partner through the written word.
Municipal Institution of Culture