LAZNIA 2 2015 - Dorothee Haller - “Day by day. Gone tomorrow.” / Performance
“Day by day. Gone tomorrow.”
Performance by Dorothee Haller
Residency period: January - April 2015
Curator: Aleksandra Księżopolska
Work of Dorothee Haller was a processual artistic project that made use of a very subtle narrative to confront the audience with contemporary art practices. She attempted at shifting the paradigm, to give new perspectives into artistic production based on exchange. Her work related to the idea of Gift Economy. Performance titled " Day by day. Gone tomorrow” was based on the relationship between the giver and the taker, art and daily life and the transitory borders in between.
Over the course of 7 days Haller had performed an intimate, straight forward gesture in the window of a former fish shop. She was sewing bags and once finished, gave them away to the random passers-by. These pieces were “embroidered” with the unique observations captured by the artist during her residency. While roaming through the streets of Gdansk precisely the ephemeral and subtle situations became the basis for her work. The given - away pieces during the performance "Day by day. Gone tomorrow” acted as souvenirs from both the past and the present experiences. They had overlapped, multiplied.
With this simple gesture Haller pointed out not only production, circulation of goods and their exchange, she also touched upon the subject of constantly changing circumstances that question durability. What are the relationships that result from this kind of voluntary offering by the artist. How do we treat the objects that are given to us for free.
Performance Day by day Gone tomorrow took place in Świetlicy w Rybnym from 30.03 to 03.04.2015. We would like to thank the Wspólnota Gdańska Foundation for co-operation during the implementation of the project.
Dorothee Haller
born 1984 at Bühl, Germany.
Lives and works in Strasbourg, France.
Dorothee Haller gained her Bachelor degree at the University of Arts of Linz, Austria in 2010. In 2013 she accomplished her diploma at Haute école des arts du  Rhin (HEAR), object art/soft materials. In 2014 she has participated in the artistic residency “MiXER” at D'CLINIC studios in Lendava, Slovenia.
She works mainly with installations and performance art, which she uses as a vehicle to experiment the limits of both her own as well as the contemporary society’s. She tests out and questions the relationships between the artist and viewer.
Works of the German artist can be described as simple, modest, anti-monumental and transitory.
Dorothee Haller is currently taking part in CCA Łaźnia’s Artists in Residency Programme in the frames of bilateral residency exchange organised by the Apollonia Association from Strasbourg, the City of Strasbourg, City of Gdansk and Centre for Contemporary Art Łaźnia since 2011. Artists who had participated until present day are: Angelika Fojtuch Dominika Skutnik, Dorota Walentynowicz, Michał Pecko, Ahmet Dogan, Patrick Bogner and Jia Qiu. Yiumsiri Vantanapindu and Grzegorz Stefański will be the next artists invited for residency in autumn 2015.
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