31.10.2015 (Saturday), 7pm
CSW Łaźnia 1, Gdańsk, Jaskółcza 1
Free entry
Curator: Michał Porwet
The two concerts, as part of In Progress series, are an opportunity to see the two projects for the first time in the Tricity. DIFFERENT STATE has been operating for more than twenty years in the experimental scene, first based in Ciechanów and currently residing in New York. While the band has performed many times in the country (although it has been more than 10 years since their last gig here in Poland), the second one, 23 THREADS is practically the first time in the country with concerts as part of the autumn mini-tour. Both bands promote their latest releases: 23Threads "Conspicuous Unobstructed Path" (2015) and Different State "The Fridgid Condition" (2013).
23 Threads dates back to the mid 90s, when Mark X. Marchoff, a hundred kilometersfrom the Polish capital, Warsaw, in the town of Ciechanow, has called the formationto life.  The band in the original composition recorded the material, "Magija", which was officially released by Perun records.  After its official release, the band played only two shows, one of them with presentation and theater, Makata. 
In the meantime M.X.M. engaged in his parent formation, Different State, and so remained for many years, until Maciek Mehring from Zoharum label encouraged him to return to 23 Threads, claiming that Marek should come back to krautrock-macabre atmosphere of guitars.
At the end of 1992. Two hard, industrial music fans: Industry AW and M.Marchoff, joined by the next two, Adam and Greg. The band played a few concerts and released the first demo entitled "Grain" [SPM rec]. In addition to conventional instruments they used rail chains, shock absorbers, anvils, hammers and so on.
In 1995, M. Marchoff went to the USA and the band focused on a new studio production "Knar". After the personnel changes, the band recorded "Cardinal Mosaic" and released a cassette compilation entitled ęCommittiee Investigation on the Ambient Phenomena". With the line-up including Oval, Greg and M.Marchoff, "Dew" 7" was recorded. In 2000, they released "Azure" album in Poland and "Elements" in USA. This was followed by two materials on Requiem Rec. "Hidden Sounds of Magnetic Field" and "More Than Music".
Since 2007 Different State cooperates with Zoharum. As a result of this collaboration they released a split album with the project SIGILL "Spazmatic [k] Spell", the reissues of "Knar", 'Yield' and brand new albums "Through the Falling Eyelid' or "The Frigid Condition".
Different State music is a mix of many genres and styles that can best be described as illbient, the music of a pulsating city.
Apart from activities under the Different State moniker, Marek Marchoff creates a lot of side projects, collaborating with various artists which have resulted in different releases.
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