LAZNIA 1 2001 - Dorota Nieznalska DOMINATION
Curator: Aneta Szyłak
Assistance: Małgorzata Taraszkiewicz-Zwolicka
In the presented installations Nieznalska symbolically referred to the spaces of fitness and body building clubs which became distinctive representatives of the consumer culture and the contemporary body cult. The sound recorded during gymnastic exercise of various kinds played an important part. What was essential for Nieznalska was the autoerotic character of excessive interest in one’s own body and its aesthetisation, according to the image created by the market and the media, the latter being a part of the first. Similarly as in the earlier works of Nieznalska, also the new ones – Potency, Omnipotence II. Male gender and Female – were located in the context of cultural oppression, especially violence towards women.
Municipal Institution of Culture