LAZNIA 1 LAZNIA 2 2016 - „Courtesy of the artist” Piotr Bosacki
Centre for Contemporary Art 2, Gdańsk – Nowy Port, Strajku Dokerów 5
„Courtesy of the artist” Piotr Bosacki
22.01- 27.03.2016
The opening: 22.01.2016 (Friday), 6 p.m.
Curator: Jolanta Woszczenko
Courtesy of the artist Piotr Bosacki, during the exhibition at CCA Łaźnia 2 you will be able to see his new movie under a telling title "Courtesy of the artist" and the installation "Chamber Music".
In the film, Piotr Bosacki explains the phenomenon of the emergence of a work of art. Literary layer of the film, as usual in Bosacki’s works, balances between the seriousness and mockery. On the one hand, we listen to a lecture on basic science. On the other hand, statements uttered by the author somehow banter with their own meaning. It is all accompanied by elaborate classical animation.
“Chamber Music” is a system of boxes (small rooms). The role of the viewer is to navigate sequentially through all the boxes. Boxes are divided by a door. Each pair of doors, Duchamp's door like, can be closed to one of two frames. As a result, the viewer, opening the space ahead, at the same time closes the one behind. Each box is illuminated by buzzing fluorescent lamp. In each box the lamp is buzzing differently. Traversing the boxes, spectator and listener, opening and closing doors, decides which sounds he permits, and which sounds he cuts off from. The architectural space here is synonymous with the sound space. Lamps make noises of a certain pitch. Moving from room to room, we hear a string of chords that can be written in the music notes. The sound in the “Chamber Music” was taken from composed by the artist “Fifth coil” (2012) on six strings. Title of the installation is obviously a play of words, "Chamber Music" that means literally "chamber music". The "chamber" itself means “a room”, “a cell”, and the installation is actually made of cells.
Municipal Institution of Culture