13.02.2016 (Saturday), 8.00pm
CSW Łaźnia 1, Gdańsk, Jaskółcza 1
Free entry
Curator: Michał Porwet
Dariusz Brzostek - literature and culture theorist, Assistant Professor in the Department of Culture of UMK. He researches popular culture, aesthetics of terror and counter-cultural anthropology. Published in such magazines on art and culture as Antena Krzyku, Glissando, Transwizje and others. He also deals with sound studies and field recordings. The author of the monograph "Listening for Noise. Audioanthropology Between Expression and Experience"
Rafal Kołacki - musician associated with HATI, Mammoth Ulthana, Innercity Ensemble, T'ien Lai and Molok Mun. He has recorded and released a dozen or so albums and played hundreds of concerts around the world (Unsound New York, CTM Berlin, etc.) He is the co-author of multimedia projects, such as Tonopolis and Orient Potockiego. Dźwiękopis. He also works solo being fascinated by field recordings, acoustic percussion music and electronic drone music. He records for films, radio plays and fairy tales. So far he has released three solo albums. He is the author of sound installations. Runs Noisen Records label.
"What have we listened to? Sounds found, sounds recorded"... The presentation of field recordings from Istanbul and Marseille.

We would like to ask you a few simple questions. What do we record when we are outside? Or what do we really  record when we are outside? What do we listen to when we listen to field recordings? Or what do we really listen to when we listen to field recordings? What are the relationships between the recording and the reality, and between the recording and the space we were recording? What do we want to listen to and what do we like listening to? Where is the beginning and the end of the pleasure coming from the listening experience?

On this occassion we would like to let you listen to what we were listening to when we were recording...

By the way, what are you listening to?
Municipal Institution of Culture