Art+Science Meeting is an ongoing series of exhibitions, conferences, lectures, educational programs and publications begun in 2011, describing and familiarising people with issues at the border between art and science. Progressive art is taking up the tasks of cultural studies, a trend commonly seen in critical theory, as well as in creative dialogues between art and biotechnology, genetics, computer science, nanotechnology, research into artificial life and artificial intelligence, and many engineering disciplines.
This is not merely the result of new aspirations that have arisen independently within art, but reflects the outcome of complex circumstances, the influence of a wide variety of factors, and the rise of new social and cultural trends. Among these is undoubtedly the process of transformation that notions about science – its status, instruments and methods of operation – have undergone in the 20th century.
Artists constitute a “sensitive” social group that is actively engaged in confronting important issues facing our civilization. They are not afraid to talk about things that are still relatively unexplored. Through their work, they pose questions to which science – demanding hard evidence – as yet has no answer.
The project has included a series of workshops, concerts and lectures on experimental music entitled Soundplay and Man Machine.
Municipal Institution of Culture