LAZNIA 1 2010 Philosophical workshop ECO OKO
We invite everyone to take part in the creative and critical thinking workshops which are based on socio-cultural  texts and contexts from domains such as philosophy, art, media broadcasting and the direct experience of the participants.

By conceiving space as a system of signs, we will wonder on their meanings which originate from our everyday experience and, at the same time, help shape it. Questions regarding the genealogy of different phenomena will reveal the problem of identity, history, the policy of voicing one’s opinion, communication processes, freedom and equality. 

Through games and entertainment the classes aim to enable creative work, reflections and discussions, shaping the attitude of openness, tolerance, the development of cultural self-awareness and the ability to use signs and cultural meanings. The classes are adapted according to the age of the participants.

Every workshop filled with film quotes and refers to exhibitions and events currently taking place in “Laznia” Centre for Contemporary Art

duration about. 90-120 minutes
the time of the classes will be decide individually
“Laznia” Centre for Contemporary Art
ul. Jaskółcza 1, Gdańsk
contact: 502 047 889, email:
Workshops led by: Elżbieta Okroy, Ewa Okroy

admission free
Municipal Institution of Culture