LAZNIA 1 2010 - THE LAND OF CREATIVITY - Research Project
The project is closely linked with the regeneration of the Lower Town district.
The Land of Creativity project is organized by the Centre for Contemporary Art “Laznia” since 2004. The current project is a continuation of previous activities, expanded by education and research elements. The Centre for Contemporary Art “Laznia” is located in the Lower Town district, in a neglected neighborhood affected by poverty and pathology. For many years “Laznia” has been engaged in activities related to the regeneration of the area through artistic activities in public spaces, as well as organizing various art workshops for children and young people from the Lower Town. The youth of this district, who used to spend their time unproductively and often filled with frustration and aggression towards the environment, due to a sense of otherness and exclusion, can find a new view of reality during the workshops organized by CCA. The Land of Creativity classes induce creative thinking and teach how externalizing emotions can be turned into a healthy and productive action. The workshop is based on creative work and provides an alternative to the daily routine for the young residents of the Lower Town. This group is the main target of the Land of Creativity workshop - a research project.

The Land of Creativity gives schools the opportunity to conduct lessons in an unconventional way which, just as workshops for residents of the Lower Town, teach independent thinking and stimulate creative efforts. The Land of Creativity courses addressed to organized groups are very popular and the number of bookings by schools far exceeds the number of classes which CCA proposed in its program. We would also like to invite those groups which have not yet managed to participate in the Land of Creativity project. By introducing a research project into the artistic and educational workshop, we want to summarize the Land of Creativity’s six years activity, and the results of the analysis of survey data will give us a new view needed for the preparation of future workshop projects.

The aim of the workshops is to stimulate the creativity and willingness to take up artistic initiatives by children and young people, as well as to motivate creative thinking and action, as opposed to routine school activities. Participation in the workshops will help participants to understand and become accustomed to involvement in art in the broad sense of the term, as well as become a stimulus to re-visit cultural institutions.
The aim of the research project is to collect information concerning the participants of the workshops and the creation of a written opinion on educational and artistic projects.
An additional element of the project is planned to take place in September 2010 within the framework of cooperation between twin cities (Gdańsk-Bremen) namely an exhibition featuring photograph-portraits created during the workshop "The Land of Creativity" and photographs taken in as part of socio-educational project conducted by Michael Weisser from Bremen entitled "SO wir sind" – “HOW we are." The artist conducts the classes with the German youth in the form of a casting, during which a team of professional makeup artists, stylists and hairdressers work with young people on their appearance, helping them to achieve the visual effect which best, in their view, expresses their own personalities and beliefs. Therefore, it is a way of expressing one’s self through their looks, achieved using specific professional means. The results are photographic portraits of young people, printed on canvas and placed in stretchers. Comments made by each individual, concerning such topics as life, values, view of the world are added to the portraits.
The co-sponsor of the exhibition is the BREMER KUNST FÜR PARTNERSTÄDTE project office. The President of Parliament City of Bremen - Christian Weber is the patron of the project and will host the opening of the exhibition. The curator of the exhibition on behalf of Germany will be Detlef Stein.
Both projects - "The Land of Creativity" and "SO sind wir" perfectly complement one another, presenting two slightly different approaches taken by young people to create their own self and self-image.

The target group is composed of primary [notifications for Sept. - Nov. 2010] and secondary school children [notifications for May - June 2010]. The workshops are tailored specially for organized groups. Applications should by sent by e-mail to, via the website: or by phone (58-305-40-50).

With regard to the implementation of Article 3 of the Action Plan for the Disabled in Gdansk by our institution from 2002 to 2006, appended to Resolution No. XLVII/14/2002 by the Gdansk City Council of 26 March 2002, we would like to organize a Land of Creativity workshop for mentally challenged and handicapped children and young people in the time most to their convenience (September - November 2010).

The workshop may attend by no more than 30 people, in order to provide comfort for the participants. This limitations result from the desire to give each workshop participant an equal amount of attention and assistance. Recruitment from primary and secondary school interested is based on the first come first serve basis. Restrictions are the result of a fixed number of workshops planned for a given year.

The workshop is aimed at children and young people studying in primary secondary and high schools (aged between 7 and 18) from the Tricity and surrounding areas. The opportunity to participate in the program is based on the first come first serve basis. We encourage teachers to allow children with behavior problems to participate in the activities and thus are open to accept integration groups.

The workshops will be led by
Barbara Secke
Robert Mikołaj Jurkowski
Sylwester Gałuszka
Municipal Institution of Culture