05-09.07.2010 – CCA Łaźnia20-24.07.2010 – Irish Fil Institute in Dublin, Ireland
Workshops aimed at creating computer animations to the music of Chopin will be held from 5th to 9th July in the Centre for Contemporary Art “Laznia” in Gdansk and from 20th to 24th July in the Irish Fil Institute in Dublin, Ireland. The project is aimed at senior primary and secondary school students. The participants will work under the guidance of artists - including the founders of the Artists’ Colony, created in the former Gdansk Shipyard, Sylvester Gałuszka and Mikołaj Robert Jurkowski. During the workshops, participants will create their own works using the stop motion technique. The works will be posted on the Internet, including on the newly created and the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre websites.


Mikołaj Robert Jurkowski - Art Worker, nominated teacher, founder of the art group
CUKT (Central Office of Technological Control) and PGR_ART Free Workshop located in the Gdansk Shipyard Artist’s Colony, author of educational projects such as "Młodzi Młodego Miasta” (The Young from the Young City), a series of workshops for children - "Dotyk Sztuki” (The Touch of Art). Associated with the activities of TOTART and Wyspa Progress Foundation. Initiator of workshops organized in the Center for Contemporary Art “Laznia” – “Kraina Kreatywności” (The Land of Creativity) and "Wędrowcy” (Wanderers).

Sylwester Gałuszka - Art Worker, Chairman of the Kolonia Artystów Foundation, founder of the Institute of Creative Activities ITEDE and animator of artistic events in Gdansk Shipyard Artists Colony. Founder of PGR_ART Free Workshop located in the Gdansk Shipyard Artist’s Colony. Author of a series of presentations by students from the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) entitled “Extreme art", creator of artistic workshops „Kraina Kreatywności” and „Wędrowcy". An employee of the Education Department at CCA “Laznia”.  Author of video projects made using the found footage technique. Creator of video backgrounds for, among others, Bartek Wołyniec, Skinny Patrini, DataDisk, Prawatt, Folder, Magnum38.
Municipal Institution of Culture