LAZNIA 1 2012 - GILBERT & GEORGE JACK FREAK PICTURES – reviews of the exhibition – a competition

For many years in Laznia CCA ‘Art Lessons’ are held, within which the current exhibition is shown to children and teenagers. Similar lessons were held during the exhibition of Jack Freak Pictures. In one of the groups, from Gimnazjum School Nr. 8 in Gdańsk, the exhibition aroused very strong emotions and was regarded as controversial. Art Lesson lasted much longer than was foreseen because young people got involved into a debate, with us and also among themselves, about the nature of art, methods used by artists and above all about the respect for religious feelings. The teacher suggested that pupils should write reviews of the exhibition, which quickly turned into a kind of competition. Three works were chosen and rewarded. One of the review is extremely negative but we have decided to award it anyway, as an example of a strong attitude who assessed a lot better the reviews that were positive toward the exhibition.

The critical review was not a dry collection of facts, as in reviews of other young authors, but it was fervent.

I prize

Patryk Sadowski


Has the exhibition ‘Gilbert &George Jack Freak Pictures’ made a positive impression on me?


Gilbert and George are a pair of artists from London. Their work evoke controversy, despite whether the person has a positive or negative attitude towards the exhibition. I believe that the authors show in a rather comical way the English culture, allowing the viewer to get to know this country.

My belief is supported by the fact that there is the English flag located on almost every work. This indicates that Gilbert and George love, or at least respect their country, and want us to love it too.

My next argument will be the works of artists, on which maps of London are being shown, and more precisely, the area where the authors live. This allows us to become acquainted with the authors, learn about their surroundings and a part of life.

Another argument is the fact that on almost every work the characters of Gilbert and George appear in a comical way. Looking at these images can be stated that the artists identify themselves with their own works, while preserving the distance to themselves, focusing mainly on content and not on a empty form.

            Next I would like to cite one specific image. This work has a religious theme. In the center you can see Christ with the loin cloth and a halo painted in English traditional colours. On his both sides the authors can be seen, standing like statues, painted in similar colours as Jesus halo. The image itself can be considered as an attempt to mock the Christian religion, but for me it is rather a way to show that the British value their religion.

            My next argument will be Platanus, the tree that grows in London.  It is shown in a large part of the exhibition. This is another proof that artists want to familiarize us with the English culture and England itself.

            In light of the presented arguments I come to the conclusion that the authors would like to show us their home, England and its culture. They do not intend to harm the viewer in any way, nor to mock with the beliefs of other people. The exhibition undoubtedly had a good impression on me.


II prize

Mateusz Chmielewski


The exhibition at the Laznia aroused in us all a lot of different emotions. For some, these works can be funny, exciting, ordinary, and so on and so forth. For me, some of them were an expression of undermining the religious views of the Catholic faith. So what follows: decorating garments of Jesus in the colours of the British flag, displaying a representation of the Stations of the Cross next to images of a completely different subject, in addition, the changing the colour of the cross. For many of my classmates it was normal and they saw nothing surprising in this. For me, a man with strong ties to the Catholic faith, it was a great disappointment when the number of works processed in the computer, showed the images of Jesus, and in addition, this images differed to those that we see on the religion lessons, Jesus overtaken by two British artists. This subject could be discussed for a long time.

Despite the fact that I felt in some way offended, I understand the people who liked it. Finally, let me say that I will go with pleasure to a new exhibition  in Laznia, and  I would like to thank the organizers for such a loose and friendly conversation.


III prize

Jarosław Fedde


The exhibition, which we visited did not impress me, since these were only photos processed in the computer. Images were bland and dull. In addition, the exhibition contains content offending my faith. When I was told how much such works cost, I would certainly not spend so much.

            In conclusion I would not buy it, I would not visit the exhibition for the second time and I would not hang any of these works at home.

Municipal Institution of Culture