LAZNIA 2 2012 - We invite you to the opening of Łaźnia 2– Art Education Centre in Nowy Port

street Strajku Dokerów 5 in Gdańsk

FRIDAY DECEMBER 14th, 2012from 3 PM till 8 PM 

One day before the opening there will be a touring photography exhibition already. Arranged in a stylish retro bus the exhibition will move between the center of Gdańsk and Nowy Port.

saturday DECEMBER 15th, 2012 at 6 PM

Nowy Port is a district that arouses extreme emotions. Although it seems to be forgotten, its alleys are for many a source of inspirations. The opening will be a meeting of tradition and modernity. Presented works have been created in a dialogue with the district, its history, inhabitants, traditions and specific atmosphere. The modern part will be the interpretation created by the artists, and the undoubted highlight of the evening will be the possibility to see the modern, dialogical architecture of the interiors created by the architect Jacek Dominiczak.

On the schedule:

„Białe Pudełko Pana Dory” („Mr Dora’s White Box”) a performance of the Transgatunkowy Teatr Sfinks

The artists will set in motion the “white box” of the Łaźnia 2 gallery space. The performers will try to suggest the wide range of possibilities of creative use of the new interiors. They will clash with a motional translation of the assimilation process of architects, curators and artists declarations, putting it together with traditions of Nowy Port – a unique social enclave. The performance will be an attempt of searching – finding common, border, neighborly values.

Transgatunkowy Teatr Sfinks represented by: Alicja Gruca, Małgorzata Żerwe, Anna Steller, Robert Florczak, Kacper Ołowski, Wiesław Synakiewicz, Krzysztof Dziemaszkiewicz, Piotr Pawlak, Krzysztof Czerny and students of the Art In Public Space Studio of the Gdańsk Fine Arts Academy, Inhabitants and Neighbors.

After the official part there will be a screening of a film - the effect of many hours of walks around Nowy Port taken by the artists from the Transgatunkowy Teatr Sfinks. Most interesting parts of the interviews with inhabitants, local craftsmen and pupils of the local schools were chosen for the screening.

On the opening day (as well as on Sunday December the 16th  from 12 pm till 6 pm) the cinema, library and the workshop room of Łaźnia 2 will turn into exhibition spaces. The  effects of educational activities will be presented there. The visitors will have a chance to see the metamorphosis of the building and the inhabitants will also see the results of the joint work.

Persons engaged in the realization of the workshops: Anna Dukowska/ Robert Dukowski (Fundacja Nasza Przestrzeń), Maria Dembek, Robin McAulay, Aleksandra Wiesse/ Łukasz Wiesse (Wydawnictwo TAKO), HATI (Rafał Iwański i Rafał Kołacki), Marcin Bildziuk (Nowy Port Sztuki), Projekt Kobiety OK (Ola Romanowska, Katarzyna Rajczyk-Bauć).

Pupils from the Special Educational Centre nr 2 in Gdańsk will take part in the opening.

Municipal Institution of Culture