LAZNIA 1 2009 - IMMEDIATE ART - prof. Martin Kemp
02.12.2009, 6 p.m.
Martin KEMP has written and broadcast extensively on imagery in art and science from the Renaissance to the present day.
Leonardo da Vinci has been at the centre of this endeavour, and has been the subject of a number of his books and exhibitions, including Leonardo (Oxford University Press 2004). His wider research has involved the sciences of optics, anatomy and natural history in various key episodes in the history of naturalism.
Increasingly, he has focused on issues of visualization, modelling and representation.  The broad thrust of more recent work is devoted to a "New History of the Visual," which embraces the wide range of artefacts from science, technology, and the fine, applied and popular arts that have been devised to create models of nature and to articulate human relationships with the physical world. A scientific diagram or computer graphic model of a molecule is as relevant to this new history as a painting by Michelangelo.
Municipal Institution of Culture