LAZNIA 1 2007 - UNDER THE SHOWER OF ART - Dmitry Bulatov РОБОТЫ HAUT COUTURE. Contemporary Art & Robotechnics
 17.05.2007, at 5 p.m.
Curator: Daniel Muzyczuk
The basic law of technology, which has been repeatedly uttered by the philosophy of the 20th century, says that each new technical advance considered by itself appears to be desirable, while technological process as a hole continually narrows the common sphere of freedom. One cannot say that the scientists are not familiar with this thesis. However, positivism peculiar to them, as every scientist has his own idea of future, cherishes their hope for an auspicious outcome. This, actually, distinguishes scientists from the artists that work in the filed of contemporary technologies. Because the last imagine very clearly (and as a spectacle) the consequences of continuous creation of the positive: when the negative gives birth to crisis and criticism, the positive being exalted to the level of hyperbole gives birth to catastrophe.
Municipal Institution of Culture