8.02.2007, 6 p.m
Curator: Daniel Muzyczuk
Nowadays we see that in the art world there are questions rising whether this is still the main approach of art. Is there coming a new kind of art or a new way of presenting art? Can we try to find a new system or a discipline of art? Of course it can never be a law about how a work of art should look like. It should be a strategy, like the strategy of the scientist who tries by research and experiments to get new insight and knowledge. Both the scientist and the artist never know for sure what will be the result of there creative processes. But the scientist has a general strategy. What is the difference between art and science, and do they have elements in common?
Michael van Hoogenhuyze studied Art History at Leiden University. Since his graduation in 1974 he has worked as an art history teacher, contributing to many curricula. Additionally, he has been a school manager for many years. In 1993 he started teaching at the Interfaculty Image and Sound and contributed to the collective projects with art historical analyses of the
research themes. Next to his work as a teacher he is active in areas where art criticism and the reflection on art are transformed in actual contributions to the creative process. In this way, for instance, he participated in a project of Jan van der Pol, IOEYA BFG ZNQD KWTRL HMJD, for which he translated Horappolo's Hyroglyphia from Greek into Dutch. This
book was exhibited together with 195 prints in the Graphical Museum in Groningen and in the Lakenhal in Leiden.
He has also been a dramaturgist for a number of music theater productions of ZT Hollandia under the direction of Paul Koek. He ardently collects stones and fossils, plays street music with his accordion and refuses to make a difference between high and low culture. Since 2002 he is a member of the think tank of the Faculty of Creative and Performing Arts of Leiden University. In 2004 he was assigned as a lecturer to study and teach in the research area Art as a Source of Knowledge.
Municipal Institution of Culture