In October and Noveber, another series of workshops will take place in scope of the Art+Science Meeting Project – Soundplay workshops deidicated to the subject of soundart and a new workshop series Man|Machine about robotics and engineering.
Moderator: Paweł Janicki
25-27 October 2013
25 October 2013: 4  – 8 pm
26 October 2013: 12 – 6 pm
27 October 2013: 12 – 6 pm
Presentation: 27 October 2013 at 7 pm
 The workshop will focus on building music and audiovisual instruments based on the motion tracking systems of cameras (stereoscopes or Kinect cameras). The program will include an introduction on motion tracking techniques using cameras and information on how to use them in practice (choice of camera, working with infrared, problems with using those systems on stage etc.). Next will be independent experiments with gesture interfaces, which use motion tracking systems and building software instruments. In the end the moderator and participants will try to use the created tools in a performance.
Paweł Janicki – creator of audiovisual interactive systems, installations and performances working in the field of media art, microsound aesthetics and algorithmic composition. He is associated with the WRO Center for Media Art, where he currently directs the WRO Laboratory. His musical net-performance Ping Melody was awarded by the Tokyo University Haramachida in 2004 the “” Grand Prize, and gained a nomination for the Viper Festival in Basel. He was also co-founder and longtime member of the well-known collective Gameboyzz Orchestra Project, exploring lo-fi aesthetic. These and other projects by Paweł Janicki were presented at many prestigious festivals including the “Ars Electronica” and the “Transmediale” and events devoted to contemporary art in the Centre Pompidou. He is also the co-creator of the “Interactive Playground” exhibition.
NOTE! Participants are asked to bring their own laptops (with integrated or external cameras).
Moderator: Johannes Bergmark
9-10 November 2013
9 November 2013: 12 – 6 pm
10 November 2013: 12  – 6 pm
Concert: 10 November 2013 at 7 pm
 A workshop about making experimental musical instruments, including a presentation of “Unusual Acoustic Musical Instruments”. This includes Johannes’ own work as an experimental music instrument maker. There’s lots of inspiring ideas from traditional instruments as well as experimental musical instruments, including contact mike making and experimental instrument design with whatever materials and objects participants bring along. In contrast to current trends, the artist creates acoustic instruments rather than electronic.
Johannes Bergmark – an improvising musician, experimental musical instrument maker and electroacoustic- and text-sound-composer. He has developed butoh, jester theatre and performance art into a kind of audiovisual object theatre, performed as a concert but with a setting as a surrealist puppet play of toys, tools, kitchen utensils, materials, weird and kitsch decorative things and junk found on streets and flea markets. Bergmark has been a touring freelance musician since he graduated as a piano builder in 1996, with 600+ collaborations from 33 countries in 400+ venues in 27 countries.
NOTE! The workshop will be held in English.
Moderator : Michał Górczyński
23-24 November 2013
23 November 2013 – 12 : 6 pm
24 November 2013 – 12: 6 pm
Concert: 24 November 2013 at 7 pm
 „Scores of the daily life” is a workshop about how contemporary music can help you in your daily life. Every participant will receive a recorder, enabling one to check the differences between daily life activities and musical notation. Exercises will be based on simple gestures and objects to discover the sense of seeing space as an endlessly complex environment, in which we need to find ourselves including our emotions and problems. 
Michał Górczyński  – graduate of the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw. Since 1998 he writes music for different instrument constellations (“Diversification” two fagots and a clarinet, “Rondo a la krakowiak” a screaming pianist and bass clarinet, “Painting” two clarinets, a fagot, a contrabass and singing) and theatres (about 25 performances for drama and puppet theatres). He used to perform as a soloist with groups like: de Ereprijs, Kwartet Śląski, „Aukso” Orchestra, Podlaska Filharmony. He creates installations, theoretical texts about his authorial concepts, radio auditions and underground movies. Since 2008 he works on expanding the sound possibilities of the bass clarinet, gaining inspirations from beatbox. He is the author of the “composed education” concept and holder of the Warsaw City and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarships  in scope of the program of creating alternative education textbooks.
aut. Katarzyna Chmura-Ceigiełkowska
Municipal Institution of Culture