LAZNIA 1 2014 - Summer meetings with art in LKW Gallery’
Cooking workshops ‘Is it good?’ 
Dates: 30.06 – 04.07.2014
Leadership: Judyta Warzecha
Participants: children aged 5 – 15
Unique cooking workshops combining the pleasant with the useful – consumption with practical knowledge on how to quickly prepare healthy, filling meal. The leaders will show how to improve your physical and mental health with the use of balanced diet.
Educational art worshops ‘I won’t grow out of art’
Dates: 07.07 – 11.07.2014
Leaderships: Aleksandra Sawik
Participants: children aged 7– 15
The meetings will touch upon such themes as: graffiti (art or vandalism), performance (shocking or another form of communication), installation (new space) and graphic design (is it still art?).
Architecture - construction workshops – ‘Recycling (super)hero’
Dates: 14.07 – 18.07.2014
Leadership: Tomasz Pater
Participants: children aged 5 – 15
Art classes of  ‘recycling’ and ‘upcycling’ in spirit of Marcel Duchamp. Participants will use waste (used milk bottles, tickets, old newspapers) to create own heroes who will then be animated on the film storyboards.  

Self-development workshops ‘Hey, ME!’
Dates: 21.07 – 25.07.2014
Leadership: Dorota Hajduk
Participants: children aged 7– 15
Art-therapy workshops during which participants will face own weaknesses and will discover own advantages and talents through the use of different art techniques. Video performance will summarize the workshops.
Project workshops ‘My c-IT-y’
Dates: 28.07 – 01.08.2014
Leadership: Agata Kamińska
Participants: children aged 5 – 15
The aim of workshops is to create the ‘mosaic of the Lower Town’, which would be a mental map showing the area through children’s eyes, co-working with the archeologist and city guide. The workshops will result in ‘e-guide’ in form of virtual application.

Photographic workshops ‘Box for pictures’
Dates: 04.06 – 08.08.2014
Leadership: Arkadiusz Dziczek
Participants: children aged 7 – 15
Participants will construct photographic cameras in order to develop pictures in LKW Gallery’s darkroom.

Audio workshops ‘Sounds from the TIR’ ??‘Tracks from the truck’??
Dates: 11.08 – 15.08.2014
Leadership:  Małgorzata Wawro, Andrzej Kędzierski
Participants: children aged 7 – 15
During the workshops we will conduct full process of music track production: sound registration, edition, tracks mixing and montage. Finally, we will create a music video that would include participants.

Film workshops ‘Little laboratory of experimental film’
Dates: 18.08 – 22.08.2014
Leadership: Agnieszka Koperniak, Tomasz Solich
Participants: children aged 7 – 15
Basing on the literary texts, experimental films, listening and city walks we will create multi-dimensional audio-visual work.
Musical workshops ‘Musical work – elements, creation and re-creation’
Dates: 25.08 – 29.08.2014
Leadership:  Aleksandra Pasińska
Participants: children aged 5 – 15
During the musical workshop we will analyze main elements of musical work: melody, rhythm, agogigs, articulation, dynamics, harmony and color.

Children’s Day in LKW Gallery
Dates: 31.05.2014, Times: 12.00 – 15.00
Place: LKW Gallery (truck by Szopa Street in Gdańsk)

Children’s Day in CEA Łaźnia 2
Dates: 1.06.2014, Times: 12.00 – 15.00
Place: CEA Łaźnia 2, ul. Strajku Dokerów 5, Gdańsk – Nowy Port

Opening of ‘Summer meetings with art’ in LKW Gallery
Dates: 28.06.2014, Times: 12.00 – 15.00
Place LKW Gallery (truck by Szopa Street in Gdańsk)

Closing of ‘Summer meetings with art’ in LKW Gallery
Dates: 30.08.2014  times: 12.00 – 15.00
Place: LKW Gallery (truck by Szopa Street in Gdańsk)

’Summer meetings with art in LKW Gallery’ are realized in LKW Gallery, part of the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk is an art project for the Lower Town – the district of Gdansk where Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art is situated. This culture institution through the cooperation in the framework of a long-term revitalization plan supports the process of social and architectonic transformation of the neglected district. The project consists of two important elements: international competition aiming to create a permanent collection of works of art in urban space and a wide range of educational activities
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