LAZNIA 1 With Culture/ Game studies – a time for a critical revision?
Game studies – a time for a critical revision?
27.10.2016 (Thursday), 7 p.m.
Lecture by Mirosław Filiciak
ŁAŹNIA 1 CCA, 1 Jaskółcza street 
Game studies are being accused of populism as well as being scientifically peripheral more and more often just like film and cultures studies used to be. How should game studies interact with other fields of studies and video games industry? When it comes to analyses conducted in Poland there is an issue one has to ponder, which is how to tackle the problem of recurring matching conclusions drawn from local studies in USA or Scandinavia. The lecture will cover the matter of the purpose of media archeology and the need of speaking out against controversial issues of video games industry such as sexism, abuse against employees, “dark” and project schemes.
Municipal Institution of Culture