LAZNIA 1 With Culture/ Vilém Flusser and art”
Vilém Flusser and art
17.11.2016 (Thursday), 7 p.m.
Lecture by Przemysław Wiatr
ŁAŹNIA 1 CCA, Gdańsk, 1 Jaskółcza Street
free admission
Contemplating art is a major component of Vilém Flusser’s philosophy. According to his beliefs, an artist is “a man of the future”; a creator whose works shall push the boundaries without any limitation. His interest and intentness on art world made him elusive for regular academics. The topic of the lecture will be art as seen by Vilém Flusser. The outlook that the author of “Towards A Philosophy of Photography” manifests in his analyses can be described as on the one hand comunicological but on the other hand it is strongly based on the reflection on mass media, which according to Flusser, is intrinsic to modern art.
Municipal Institution of Culture