James Gimzewski, Laury Micha, Witold Libionka – When the robots are going to be replaced by humanoids?
2nd September 2017 (Saturday), 5 pm
Free entry
Both artists and scientists are exploring the brain, trying to create its images, sculptures and installations of it or – on the other hand – AI and neural networks. Specialization in the various fields of knowledge narrowed and scattered the scope of these researches, provoking discussion about the need to develop a platform that connects both artistic and scientific communities. More and more often we feel the need for consilience – united knowledge, whose various domains interpenetrate. According to this assumption we invite you to meet with representatives of different, though complementary branches of knowledge about the brain: with prof. James Gimzewski, biochemist dealing with nanotechnologies, Micha Laura, artist fascinated by the brain and neural networks, and dr Witold Libionka, neurosurgeon.
Macrophotography of James Gimzewski's computer chip / fot. Henry Sillin & Ellie Demis
Municipal Institution of Culture