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November 2018
Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art
ul. Jaskółcza 1
80-767 Gdańsk
Phone +48 58 305 40 50
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Select date: 2 December 2017
2017 - Galeria Gdańsk ITD. – it is continued 1st of December | 1–5 pm | objects & stories sale
2nd of December |10 am–3 pm | objects & stories sale

Hala Targowa Gdańsk – Plac Dominikański 1, Gdańsk

Galeria Gdansk itd. is finally starting its tour around the city, proud of its two new precious collaborations. Read more
2017 - Curators Residency 4–8 December 2017

Karima Boudou (L'appartement 22's, Rabat, Marocco)
Irati Irulegi (Idensitat, Barcelona, Spain)
Paz Ponce (niezależna kuratorka, Berlin / Barcelona)
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2017 - REPORT: NOWY PORT – SOCIAL IDENTITY OF THE DISTRICT AND PARTICIPATION OF ITS INHABITANTS IN CULTURE This diagnosis presents the level of the participation of the inhabitants of Nowy Port in cultural events organised in the district, and its determinants, and to record the demands concerning the distribution of information about the said events. The study is based on a survey conducted in Nowy Port in June 2015. Read more
2017 - Artecitya – results of the open call for artistic residencies LAZNIA CCA in Gdansk announces the result of the open call for artistic residencies... Read more
2017 - Grete Aagaard / rum 46 „Neighbourhood Remarks” Grete Aagaard / rum 46
„Neighbourhood Remarks”
Residency period: in proces since March 2014

‘Neighbourhood Remarks’ project is based on a close collaboration with the local community of Nowy Port district. The artist sees herself as a moderator, delegating most of the tasks to the participants / co-authors. Read more
2017 - ARTISTIC RESIDENCIES – VILNIUS IN GDANSK In the framework of the annual Vilnius – Gdańsk cooperation and Vilnius in Gdansk festival, LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art initiates contemporary art exchanges between Lithuanian and Polish art scenes. In 2015 LAZNIA CCA invited curator Ūla Tornau from the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius to compile a program of international artist residencies that would evolve into an exhibition at LAZNIA CCA in summer of 2017. Read more
2017 - Elmar Hess - DEAR 24th Nov 2017 – 31st Dec 2017
opening: 24 Nov 2017 6:00 pm

Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej ŁAŹNIA 2
Strajku Dokerów 5 St.
Gdańsk Nowy Port
curator: Iwona Bigos
coordinator: Michalina Domoń

Elmar Hess creates primarily multi-room installations in which cinematic, sound-installative, and photographic elements are juxtaposed conceptually with societal themes. In the works, the pressures and constraints of the system give rise to interpersonal conflicts, in which Hess equates subjective circumstances with contemporary-historical events.

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2017 - Ministry of Anomie. The case of communities that have nothing in common Exhibition: 1st December 2017–28th January 2018, I floor
Opening: 1 December 2017 (Friday), 6 pm

Curator: Jolanta Woszczenko

LAZNIA 1 Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk Dolne Miasto

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2017 - Eliza Proszczuk – Embroideries and identities "The Embroidery and Identity" project by Eliza Proszczuk was carried out from 1st till 21st December 2017 with the inhabitants of Alsace under the residency exchange program CSW ŁAŹNIA-Strasburg, the Apollonia Association. The impressive bows have been worn by the women of Alsace since the 19th century as a decoration and were also a sign of social belonging. Workshops were carried out in the city's spaces: galleries, cultural centers, as well as in cafes, hair salons, etc. Read more
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