Island Without Hope. Apocalypse in the Perpetual Ice: Tilda Swinton and Udo Kier (as The Devil's Aunt) in Schlingensief's definite end-of-the-world scenario! "If he had got the girl, the thought would have gone away, and with it the illusion.He had the girl and the illusion went to hell." – Egomania A visually stunning melodrama about love, jealousy, greed, lust and murder set amidst solar eclipses, orchestral chants and the distant thunder of the boiling Sea. "Suddenly, someone grabs my hand and says, “I’m Udo Kier.” And I didn’t know who he was at first, I must confess. All I knew was I recognized his face from somewhere. I probably knew him from Andy Warhol’s “Dracula” but when I heard the name I really didn’t know who on earth he was. “I saw your film [Menu Total]. I killed myself laughing.” And I was so pleased that I had finally met someone who said that he killed himself laughing over my film. “The faces were so distorted and I thought the stuff they were saying was hilarious. Would you like to join me?” And so Tilda and I sat down next to him and on that evening we decided that we would make a film together and we drew up a contract on a napkin: “We will make a film.” We planned to start shooting three weeks later." -Christoph Schlingensief,

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