Between John Waters, Herschell Gordon Lewis, the ZAZ films and Leni Riefenstahl - eerily foreshadowing the events during Germany's implication in the Kosovo war 4 years later, enacted on African grounds - Schlingensief's United Trash is perhaps the only politically explosive gross-out film! Starring Russ Meyer icon Kitten Natividad, Udo Kier, Joachim Tomaschewsky ("The Kinski of Eastern Germany") and Johnny Pfeiffer (Germany's Oldest Bodybuilder)! Africa...Land of the infinite sun, of curly hair and the smell of diesel oil. German soldiers on a mission from the United Nations. For General Werner Brenner (Udo Kier), a dream comes true: the new crematorium, the multicultural children's playground and, above all, the old V2-Rocket from the Führer! Here, where people are still "crude and simple", every German can display his abilities! But after a couple of days, Brenner's unbreakable optimism starts to crumble: his virgin wife Martha (Kitten Natividad) bears her first child: a little boy with black skin: Peter Panne (Thomas Chibwe). Many remain clueless, but bishop Pierre (Joachim Tomaschewsky), an excommunicated bishop from Vienna, smells the opportunity: with no teeth and full of hatred towards the roman/catholic church, he appoints Peter the new Messiah and himself his manager. Martha, who has let Pierre exorcise her in public and at the same time heal from her "kinky" sexuality, is thrilled. Only Werner is taken aback: who needs a Messiah if the United Nations are already there? Meanwhile, the local dictator (Jones Muguse) has totally different plans with Peter Panne: he needs the little one as human jet propulsion for his intercontinental rocket, a gift from German UN troops: a discarded V2 Rocket from Adolf Hitler and Werner von Braun. On Christmas Eve, the rocket is planned to be launched at his nemesis inside the White House in Washington.

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