14 JUNE 2013, 7 P.M.
ul.Jaskółcza 1, GDAŃSK - DOLNE MIASTO
Jacek Malinowski’s artistic practice includes sculpture, photography, installation, and, above all, film (video), which has evolved from simple video and projections towards scripted acting and the making of fictitious documentary films. His works, produced according to the principles and techniques of documentary objectivity and emotional restraint, in some way manipulate the viewer’s emotions. In reality, they are precise artistic constructs that retain an air of authenticity, aided by the artist’s techniques: editing techniques, naturalistic locations/set design, and, above all, well-chosen, credible actors: both professionals and amateurs. The artist takes on important existential issues, such as loneliness, illness, devotion, political influence, and resistance to an all-encompassing globalization. He assumes an analytical perspective, maintains his neutrality, and avoids imposing a particular interpretation on the audience. In spite of his use of cinematic techniques, such as a linear narrative, the punch line, and turning-points – his works remain open through his efforts to “differentiate truth on the other side”, usually leaving the audience in suspense. The mental space of his films not only challenge the credibility of the documentary medium, but also credibility in general.
Jacek Malinowski (b. 1964) lives and works in Warsaw. He studied in the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1987-1992), in the Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Austria (1992, 1993), and in the Faculty of Visual Arts at Rutgers University, USA (1995-1999). /
Municipal Institution of Culture