LAZNIA 1 2012 - TERROR 2000
Germany Out of Control
"The Crowning Glory of Creation: Man, the Pig" - Shades of the Gladbeck hostage crisis, Fassbinder's "The Third Generation" and Parker's "Mississippi Burning", Schlingenisief's only NC-17 rated film concludes his Germany Trilogy on a frenzied high! A mismatched pair of detectives (Peter Kern and Margit Carstensen) investigate the disappearance of a German social worker and the Polish family he was in charge of. Their investigation takes them to the eastern German city of Rassau, where the remaining hostage takers of Gladbeck, living undercover as a priest (Udo Kier) and a cheap furniture wholesale dealer (Alfred Edel), lead the city's xenophobic mob in killing sprees against asylum seekers. Co-written by Oskar Roehler (Silvester Countdown, Gentleman, Houellebecq's "Atomised" a.o.)!

Municipal Institution of Culture