4th – 5th November
IN OUT Festival  
Music-visual conglomerate. Presentation of vocal, instrumental and film concerts as well as interactive artistic projects. 
gellaturo : COMOKO. Series of applications in the form of games, active presentations and animation for mobile phones. 
Adam Chyliński: 360 ° Way home; photography installation + video film. 
Thursday 4th November 2005
Duet: Sabine Worthmann and Ute Wassermann (double bass and supernatural vocal) 
Music and performance with the participation of:
Uta Wassermann – vocals, live-sampling, electronics
Sabine Worthmann – double bass, zither, live-sampling, toy instruments, electronics
NDZ moves on the plane of abstract techno, free jazz, new music, disco and noise, composition and improvisation. 
Sabine Worthmann – came back to Berlin after a long stay in New York. As a versatile double bass player she participated in jazz, free jazz, new music and improvised music projects: performing with, for example, the Howard Johnson Quartett and Howard Johnson’s Nubia, The Anthony Coleman Trio, Zorn’s Cobra (feat. Coleman), Martha Cinader, Julie Patton, Frank Lacy, Harold Bowser, Bob Holman. She also took part in such multimedia projects as The Liquid Sound Lounge Project, Electronic Café and Heelium Project (hardcore jazz). Her solo project is entitled “Rauchende Colts”. 
Sabine Worthmann also works as a composer and musical director of theatre productions in Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, Bremer Schauspielhaus, Volkstheater Rostock and the Randolph Institute Edinburgh. She regularly produces radio dramas for German Public Radio stations HR, NDR, SR and WDR. She created a sound installation at the ITF in London and wrote the music for a number of movies by Susana Chales de Beaulieu, Reinhild Dettmar Finke and Maiki Höhne. 
Ute Wasserman – lives in Berlin where she works extensively with polyphonic vocal techniques. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg (painting and vocal departments) in 1989 she worked as a soloist in Europe, Argentina, Australia and Asia. As well as her work with classical vocalism she is one of the few soloists of improvised music. She cooperates frequently with such musicians as Richard Barrett, Jaap Blonk, Matthias Kaul and Brigita Ulher. She is well known as an outstanding interpreter of the New Music of such composers as Chaya Czernowin, Henning Christiansen, Hans-Joachim Hespos, Sven Ake Johansson, Michael Finnissy, Ana Maria Rodriguez and Salvatore Sciarrino with the ASKO Ensemble, KNM Berlin, Elision (Australia), Kammerorchester Munich, Sinfonietta Bazel and the Viennese Radiosumphonieorchester. 
Friday 5th October 2005 
phot. Tomasz Gacek
GAMEBOYZZ ORCHESTRA PROJECT, concert and visualisations
Gameboyzz Orchestra Project is an experimental sound - visual project, basing on the use of
GameBoy console as a music instrument. Main assumption of project's authors is to create new sound
space on the base of tones generated live from console during the performance. The group has been active since 2001. Their first performance took place at WRO 01 International Media Art Biennale in Wroclaw, Poland, on 5th May, 2001. “The reason for creating the "gameboyzz orchestra" was the total lack of any artistic initiatives and activities connected with the cult GameBoy console. The GameBoy console is an 8-bit handheld computer. Its unusually weak (archaic) technical parameters were a challenge and became the reason for creating the "gameboyzz orchestra". Our idea is the creation of a new sound space on the grounds of sounds generated live with the GameBoy Color console (performance). The author and the person responsible for the project is Jaroslaw Kujda. 
Gameboyzz Orchestra Project members are: Jaroslaw Kujda – leader, composer, solist; Pawel Janicki – producer, vj, composer, solist;  Mariusz Jura – soloist, composer; Malgorzata Kujda - soloist, composer, photographer; Agnieszka Kujda - soloist, composer; Tomasz Prockow - soloist, composer
Gameboyzz Orchestra Project, as first Polish artists, were invited to perform at Ars Electronica Festival
UNPLUGGED, which took placein 2002 in Linz.  They performed also at: transmediale.03 - Play Global!, Berlin and much more. 
We are not an orthodox group and we utilize the latest technologies along with the retro ones used by musicians associated in the MICROMUSIC society whose key word is "lowtech music for high-tech people". The employed software is written specifically for the GameBoy console [trackers, sequencers,drum machines, etc.; sounds generated live and games]. The sound is accompanied by video projections, lights, smoke, etc.”
The programme of the screenig:
Adam Witkowski /Gdańsk/, wetanddirty, wideo do muzyki DICK 4 DICK,  2’40’’
Justyna Zajączkowska /Łódź/, 2 prace: Utx,  3’38’’ blt 3’50’’
Anita Lech-Badez /Paryż/: happy people 2001, 5’26’’i visuals for downtown, 2002,  6’40’’
Agnieszka Grandowicz /Gdynia/,  Iluzjon, 1’28’’
Ania Orlikowska /Łódź/, autoportret,  52’’ i robaki , 1’ 28’’
Maja Kuta /Poznań/, masa 2’ i plaża 1’39’’
Arkadiusz Nowakowski  /Poznań/, Andrzej,’ 2’38’’, 
Arkadiusz Nowakowski, Andrzej Kreatywny /Poznań/, git kolol, 1’18’’
Arkadiusz Nowakowski /Poznań/, ufok story, 1’58’’
Andrzej Kreatywny /Poznań/, zeżarło, 2’30’’
Emilia Kuryłowicz /Łódź/, miejsce święte 2’, portret miasta 2’20’’
Joanna Polak /Lublin/, obraz kontrolny 2,24; techno 1’29’’, zajawka 26’’
Karol Radziszewski /Warszawa/. Ulica, 2005, 5’34’’
Michał Brzeziński /Łódź/, cyberpunk, 2003, 1’39’’
Marta Szulc /Warszawa/, utopia, 2004, 1’57’’
Wojtek Doroszuk /Kraków/, lunch1,2005, 6’
Wiktor Polak /Łódź/, Retkinia, 17’
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Curators: Joanna Charchan, Malgosia Taraszkiewicz-Zwolicka
Municipal Institution of Culture