This year’s edition of the IN OUT festival differs from the previous in marking off two separate categories of presented and evaluated video works. The prize of the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship Mieczysław Struk will be awarded only to the two best works – one from each category. The first category concerns minimalist video works referred to as expanded photography and the second one constitutes visual narrations. Because the best value of video as a medium is showing privacy, micronarration and microhistory, going into privacy and presenting social changes from the point of view of the individual, we have decided to make video-identity the fundamental watchword holding the character of the festival together, as this is what video artists present in a cultural and big verbal narration context. The success of this year’s original formula and consistent theoretical vision of the festival may be expressed by a rapid growth of the number of entries and the improving quality of the registered works. In the future, we would like IN OUT festival to become a forum for exchanging ideas for Polish academic circles dealing with the video. This year, we are going to make the academic circles meet for the first time the international context of registered works created by contemporary artists. Thus, during the festival works created by the Polish representatives of the Academy of the Fine Arts will be presented.


22 X 2011

1. 16.00 curatorial selection of works submitted on V IN OUT FESTIVAL 2011 / EXPANDED PHOTOGRAPHY

2. 18.00 Concert: HANNIS BROWN (IN PROGRESS)

3. 19.00 Enigmatic - Young German Videoart - curator: Agricola de Cologne

4. 20.00 Presentation of the selection of works from III IN OUT FESTIVAL 2009

23 X 2011

1. 16.00 curatorial selection of works submitted on V IN OUT FESTIVAL 2011 / VISUAL NARRATIONS

2. 18.00 Presentation of the selection of works from IV IN OUT FESTIVAL 2010

3. 20.00 presentation of awarded works on V IN OUT FESTIVAL 2011

4. 20.30 Concert: Non State



Janusz Łukowicz - Film nr 1

Wojciech Pelc - Portret wewnętrzny

Wojciech Pelc - Czerń-biel

Ellen Wetmore - Visiting Dora Maar

Tomasz Dobiszewski - Movemental

Roman Bromboszcz - Head on Mars

Roch Forowicz i Hubert Wapiórski - Detekcja

Paul Turano - Green Becomes Black and Blue (White Becomes Red)

Nikolett Papp - Musica moralia clay figurines like little stones

Natalia Osuch - Back to the beginning

Monika Wawrzyniak - Znak

Mateusz Bykowski - Obey (for bruszewski)

Maria Ornaf - Je suis allée

Marcin Szuszkiewicz - Shadow

Marcin Mierzicki - Syndrom chorego budynku

Małgorzata Woźnica aka V5MT - floVV

Magdalena Węgrzyn - Ogrody Fruktowe

Grzegorz Łoźnikow - Yuan kite

Lee Hyung-suk - Digital Intermediated Swimming

Kiron Hussain - Slick Horsing

Jeff Brown - 3 segments Communion, Digital memory, how's the water

Iwona Olbrecht - 360

HR-Stamenow - Space 0-la Tempesta

Henry Gwiazda - Infectious

Faith Holland - Another way of seeing (Starry Night).mp4

Faith Holland - Improving Non-Stop

Dalia Castel Anna Natt - Grotesqueria

Chia-Yu Chen -Those I misunderstood

Anna Caban - Symultana

Anna Caban - Irreversible alternation

Alessandro Perini - Borgesian zoo

Aleksander Pawlik - Procesja



Program prezentacji:

Andrea Dojmi - ELY

Szymon Skrypoczko i Maciej Paszkiewicz - Saiph

Kamil Smuga - The Same

Roman Bromboszcz - Artikulo

Zlatko Cosic - Urban Green.mp4

Orsolya Bajusz - Bela's Struggle

Niall Farrell - 33.116667_33.816667

Łukasz Murzyn - Więzienie

Jeymer Gamboa - Trails

Iwona Olbrecht - Czwarta Nad Ranem

Filip Ignatowicz i Aleksander Kamiński - COMBO

Filip Ignatowicz - MUTE

Alaitz Arenzana - Exhibition 19

Ewa Surowiec - Supernatural Criminal Exercises

Elvin Flamingo aka Jarosław Czarnecki - Munchen Diskret

Andres Denegri - Llueve

Aleksander Pawlik - Foton

Albert Alcoz - Weird War

Adi Matei - The Bone


Mieczysław Struk, the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship is the Honorary Patron of the project. The awards in 5th IN OUT Festival 2011 are founded by the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship, Mieczysław Struk.

Municipal Institution of Culture