For the fifth time now the independent video artists had an opportunity to meet their colleagues from all over the world and to see their artistic creations and to have them assessed by the judges: Agricola de Cologne (Cologne OFF – Online Film Festival), Witosław Czerwonka (Art University Gdańsk) and Maciej Ożóg (Łódź University).

This year several additional events have been organised, such as a concert by Hannis Brown and NonState, as well as a show by German artists of the young generation developed by Agricola de Cologne. The festival was accompanied by an exhibition of Wolf Kalhen organised in the Łaźnia Contemporary Art Centre.

The competition works had been selected by Michał Brzeziński, the festival curator. His choice was far from being pre-selection – the awards were granted by the judges after all the submitted and positively qualified works had been analysed.

The award for ENHANCED PHOTOGRAPHY went to Henry Gwiazda for the video INFECTIOU,
and in the VISUAL NARRATION category JEFF BROWN was awarded for his triptych 3 segments: Communion, Digital memory, how's the water?

Łaźnia Contemporary Art Centre invites entrants to make submissions for the sixth IN OUT FESTIVAL 2012. Further information will come soon!

Municipal Institution of Culture