Jury of the second stage of the competition:
prof. Ryszard W. Kluszczyński - chairman
dr hab. Wojciech Zamiara
Gil Leung (LUX)
decided to award two second prizes ex aequo to:

Robin Lipo, FOREVER YOUNG, 2012

Katalin Tesch, -384 THz, 2010

Financial awards granted by festival partners: Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship, Mieczyslaw Struk, for the first prize - 4000 PLN and the National Audiovisual Institute as the second prize in the amount of 3000 PLN jury decided split between the winners of the second prize.
The jury also decided to award honorable:

Magdalena Lazar, Atoms, 2010/2011

Artur Rozen, GNU, 2011

Jessica Tsang, Erdos-Bacon Number, 2012

All work qualified for the contest will be released on the DVD to promote participants of the Festival and the Festival. DVD’s will be distributed to cultural institutions in Poland and abroad. Artists will also receive copies of the DVD’s.
The next edition of the Festival will take place in April 2013. Information about the contest will appear soon!


Municipal Institution of Culture