LAZNIA 1 2013 - Linda Mary Montano

21.11.2013, godz. 19:00

Linda Mary Montano

Meeting with the artists and screening



Linda Mary Montano is a seminal figure in contemporary feminist performance art and her work since the mid 1960s has been critical in the development of video by, for, and about women. Attempting to dissolve the boundaries between art and life, Montano continues to actively explore her art/life through shared experience, role adoption, and intricate life altering ceremonies, some of which last for seven or more years. Her artwork is starkly autobiographical and often concerned with personal and spiritual transformation. Montano’s influence is wide ranging - she has been featured at museums including The New Museum in New York, MOCA San Francisco and the ICA in London.


A Seven Hour Workshop with Linda Mary Montano at Laznia CCA

20.11.2013, at 13:00 - 20:00


This seven hour workshop with Linda Mary Montano is  for older people and is designed to bring awareness to conscious aging. It is also for people who are interested in the topic of aging, sickness and suffering.

If you think that life is art, then this workshop is dedicated to you.

If you think that you can make your life better by being more creative, then this workshop is for you. 

If you think that you would like to have a face to face meeting with someone who likes art and feels that art can bring great joy to daily life, then this workshop is for you.


You will come to Laznia CCA and have a private meeting with Linda who will talk 10- 30 minutes individually with each participant about life, experiences of aging, sickness, faith, families,  relations,  art and memory.   We will use laughter techniques as well as  intuitive ways to connect and relate our human condition and be together in that relationship for a short time. The computer, life, responsibilities, problems have taken our time away, have taken our peace  away, have taken our face away from each other. This experience will be an opportunity for a few minutes of clear PEACE.


During the workshop  a translator will be  present.


Montano is know for her long durational art and feels that spending time doing one action, brings focus, awareness and relief from multi-tasking.

See her work on


Wrokshops will be held in Laznia CCA in Gdańsk.

Free entry.

Limited number of participants.

If you atre interested please write to albo zadzwoń 58 305 40 50

Municipal Institution of Culture