LAZNIA 1 2006 - Replica of the Festival Euroshorts 2005
2nd – 3rd February 2006, start 18:00

Replica of the Festival  Euroshorts 2005 – a two-day film show, with commentary by director’s and Festival Director Przemek Młyńczyk

The fourteenth edition of the European Festival of Independent Short Films and Creative Television Commercials – Euroshorts - took place in Kino Lab (at Ujazdowski Castle) in Warsaw in November last year. As usual, the festival combined advertising with non-commercial aspects. The most important element of the Commercial Zone was “American Advertising Film 2005”- comprising the most outstanding American adverts, with the participation of well-known actors, amongst others Brad Pitt and Robert de Niro, shot by the most respected directors: Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, Joe Pytka and others. The American Association of Independent Advertising Film-Makers decided which films would be in the chosen set. Another of its functions is to annually include additions to the permanent collection of the Museum of Morden Art in New York. The Non-commercial Zone consisted of short films submitted to the competition from all around the world. In the 2005 edition, this included 29 films from 13 countries: Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Great Britain, Nepal, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the US. The main and only prize is given by the audience.     

Apart from the competition, Festiwal Euroshorts is accompanied by various other events such as: Music Euroshorts, films with live music performed by Dj’s, and viewings of advertising films and animations as well as a competition concerning knowledge about American commercials. Euroshorts replica has become very popular; in Łaźnia you can feel a festive atmosphere of the festival for 2 days. 

Programme includes:

2nd February, 2006, 18:00 hrs

3 hours of short films.

3rd Feburary 2006,  18:00 hrs

American Advertising Film 2005


Curator: Małgorzata Taraszkiewicz-Zwolicka


Municipal Institution of Culture