LAZNIA 1 2006 - VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE Video art from Peru
Visible and invisible. Video art from Peru.

A premiere presentation of little-known works of videoart created by artists from South America, in particular from Peru. An introduction to the show and commentary will be delivered by cultural anthropologist  Marek Wołodźko.

The beginnings of video art in Peru date back to the 1960s. However, its dynamic and multi-faceted development really started in 1997, when the 1st Festival of Video Art was held in Lima. Post-industrial forms of media - video, photography - did not just become technological peculiarities which gave new possibilities of intellectual/aesthetic expression, but happened to be instruments for the description of modern Peruvian reality allowing new possibilities of involving artists in social, political and cultural discussions.

Modern Peru means Machu Piachu, Titicaca, the Amazon and Native American ancestors of the Inca or Cusco civilisations. But this is our Peru, seen by the eyes of Europeans, who have lost something and are searching for it somewhere else. But what does the Peruvian people’s Peru look like? What have they lost and where are they looking for it?

The panorama of modern Peruvian video art comes from the ATA (Alta Tecnología Andina), centre of video art in Lima. Our presentation captures an anthropological discourse and shows a diversity of aesthetical and cultural issues, tensions and euphoria not known in our culture. It modifies our image of one of the South-American countries; brings closer the modern culture of Peru in which so many universal aspects can be seen, similar to ours and yet completely different at the same time, from which we can find inspiration, or observe as if we were looking in a mirror.

The presentation will be followed by a short lecture with slides about some contemporary aspects of Peruvian culture.


Curator: Marek WołodźkoPARAKINO programme Curator: Małgorzata Taraszkiewicz-ZwolickaKINO.LAB programme Curator: Urszula Śniegowska.

Cooperation:  Alta Tecnología Andina in Lima
Municipal Institution of Culture