15-16.02.2007, at 6 p.m.
Retrospective program of video art from the Electronic Arts Intermix, New Yoork presented by their curator: Rebecca Cleman. A two-day presentation includes pioneering film and video realizations from the 60s up to the contemporary electronic media art. The idea of the presentation is to demonstrate the eclectic history of creative video work and assess its influence on the contemporary art world.

Program One would cover the earliest experiments with video in the 1960's

and continue through the early 1970's.  This selection would include the

work of filmmakers experimenting with video, such as Stan Vanderbeek and Jud

Yalkut in collaboration with Nam June Paik; artists who were using video to

document and explore performance as an art - Joan Jonas, Bruce Nauman,

William Wegman; and also the work of non-artists who were using video as a

form of active cultural engagement, such as the collective Raindance.

Apart from the period in which these works were produced, they would share

an interest in experimentation with the emerging technology.

Program Two would progress through the 1970's to the early 80's, a period
defined by advances in video that enabled new editing effects, the use of
color, and the appropriation of material from popular culture - especially
television.  These works would demonstrate a further blurring of art and
culture, as in the work of Dara Birnbaum or Martha Rosler.  Collaborations
between artists with different practices would blur distinctions between the
arts, as in the video dance pieces of Charlie Atlas and Merce Cunningham, or
Bruce and Norman Yonemoto's collective interest in art and cinema.

Program Three would survey work from the late 1980's to contemporary media
art, during which time the widespread introduction of computers has inspired
another period of pioneering experimentation.  Alongside this, the art
world's developing interest in media-based work is encouraging emerging
artists such as Seth Price, Ryan Trecartin, and Cory Arcangel to explore
truly inter-disciplinary art practices that simultaneously include painting,
sculpture, media installation, and performance.  Art world precursors could
be such artists as JODI, Tony Oursler, Mike Kelley, and Juan Downey.

Program One - covering the 1960's to early 1970's

Stan Vanderbeek
Dan Sandin
Bruce Nauman
Jud Yalkut and Nam June Paik
National Center for Experimental Television
Charlemagne Palestine
Paul McCarthy
Joan Jonas
Eric Siegal

Program Two - Mid 70's - 1980s

Alexander Kluge
Chris Burden
John Baldessari
Martha Rosler
The Vasulkas
Dara Birnbaum
The Yonemotos
Charlie Atlas
Klaus vom Bruch
Squat Theater
Chris Marker
Juan Downey
Tony Oursler

Program Three - 90s and recent

Peggy Ahwesh
Seth Price
Cory Arcangel
George Kuchar
Leslie Thornton
Paper Rad
Shana Moulton
Takeshi Murata
Kristin Lucas
Seoungho Cho
Bernadette Corporation
Pipilotti Rist
Dan Graham

Co-operation: Kino  Lab, Ujzdowski Castle CCA, Warsaw
Support: Embassy of United States at Warsaw
Municipal Institution of Culture