LAZNIA 1 2017 - Caspar Stracke, time/OUT OF JOINT
Caspar Stracke, time/OUT OF JOINT
16th march 2017, at 7 p.m.
Laznia 1

Film time/OUT OF JOINT probes the framework of the human condition by aiming to disrupt its incongruous and programmatic fate - life’s finitude marked by death. Part documentary, part science fiction, time /OUT OF JOINT establishes a dialogue between a highly eclectic group of philosophers, scientists, and cultural producers whose work has a common denominator - their work is related to time reversal. Caspar Stracke to work on the project invitedamong others the philosopher Manuel De Landa, the nuclear scientist Mikhail Lukin and the gerontologist Michael West.

Caspar Stracke is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker from Germany, living and working in New York City since 1993 and Helsinki (since 2012). His work is situated around architecture and urbanism, media archaeology as well as various social aspects of cinema. Since 2005 he is the co-director of video_dumbo an annual exhibition/festival for contemporary video art in NYC, co-presented with Dumbo Arts Center. Caspar Stracke is a professor for Contemporary Art and Moving Image at KUVA Art Academy Helsinki.
Municipal Institution of Culture