LAZNIA 1 2008 - Maciej Ożóg EXPANDED CINEMA 40 YEARS LATER.Expanded Cinema as context of new media art.
9 IV 2008 6.00 PM,
PARAKINO - MACIEJ OŻÓG Expanded Cinema 40 yearslater. Expanded Cinema as context of new media art.

The proposed by Gena  Youngblooda in peak the coin of development of  structural cinema on the breakthrough years 50 and 60 the past age the  idea of "expanding" of cinema as free art showed the possibility of  development of cinema from limitations the comprehended projection  situation traditionally. Immobilizing was first of all the object of  criticism (understood literally and metaphoric) the spectator, static  relation between projector, the screen and space of audience as well as  the limited the technological superstitions understanding the movie  apparatus. Critic this be realized in projects screen in which from one  side was not used or the multiplication of screens, on second end of  spectre, was made disposing it in space, building it from different  materials, creating movable constructions freely, about changing shape  and size. It the experiments were undertaken was from movie tape also  and the projector - mark the spectre of possibility here from one the  side the films without projector from second meanwhile the projections  without tape. All these interventions caused, that movie art became   performative art, in which important part plays spectator's activity in  dynamic space of work. Both the  dematerialisation and the primitiveness  of work, as and the endeavour to activating the receipt, making up  about  specificality of cinema expanded, they stood in art of new  medias, first of all with key questions in art of interactive  installations. Therefore also legitimate the indication between cinema  experiments the continuity from before quarter of age seems, and  realized on spaces last a dozen or so the summers the interactive forms  of cinema. Authors  such's works in this occupy context special place  how  Weinbren,  Courchesne, Shaw, or  Lozano - Hemmer which link to  tradition of cinema widened directly their works are locate in this  context. Comparison their of diverse aesthetics will permit on  indication the main currents of digital cinema widened also.


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