LAZNIA 1 2009 - Video art and experimental film from CaucasusTOWARDS REALITY
26.06.2009, 6 p.m.
This screening is a part of exhibition of Contemporary Caucasian Art  in the Center of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle. Vernissage of the exhibition will take place on 28th of June.

Almost one year ago we had a screening of a set of video works from Georgia in Parakino. This year it will be a part of a bigger event, which will take place in Warsaw. We will show a set of video works and experimental movies made by artists from other Caucasian  countries, which will accompany broad presentation of Caucasian audiovisual contemporary art in Center of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle ( 28 June – end of July) within the Festival Transkaukazja 2009.

I Could Have Been..., dir. Sona Abgarian, Armenia, 2003, 2'42''
What social roles are? How can individuals adjust to them?

Once Upon A Time, dir. Diana Hakobayan, Armenia, 2004, 7'30''
Pictures and movement – basis of each movie juxtaposed with alarming music and distressing features of young woman. Experimental juxtaposition of different spacetimes.

Stalker, dir. Tigran Khachatrayan, Armenia, 12'33''
This film is a dialog with Andrew Tarkowski’s work from 1979 – using original film title and with reference to the motive of transition, journey through different worlds. It is about power and wackiness, about a need to experience and cognition.

BOLT+, dir. Tsomak, 2005, Armenia, 1'56''
Comprehensive and detailed look on the typical rows of identical joints connected with typical metal bolts.

Kvartal 16, dir. Vahram Aghasyan, Armenia 2003, 4'11''
Dialogical journey through the community at the suburbs of Yerevan build on the basis of Le Corbusier concept. The look on the notions functioning in the reality.

Ship Bolshevik N. Narimanov, dir. Sabina Shikhlinskaya, Azerbaijan, 2007, 7’
It is not a cruise it is rather a tour through Bolshevik N. Narimanov shown in the rhythm of Soviet hits (made by Leonida Utyosova i Lyubovy Orlovej) under the immortal symbol of Soviet power – red star. Within the changes of the music the ship exposes its mysterious and monstrous features, slowly tamed by the human beings.

No title, dir. Gamid Ibadullayev, 11’11’’
Pictures and music. Motion as a leitmotiv and a factor influencing defragmentation of the world, but also its creation. Reality as a changeable and insecure world, under artist observation.

All films with English subtitles.
Admission out of charge.
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