16.12.2010, at 7 p.m.
"...any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, Science Fiction Writer and Futurist.

We live in the age of ubiquitous moving images. Of course moving images had their beginnings in the latter part of the twentieth century, and that they had enormous impact in the previous century. However, it is only in the last decade when moving images moved from cinemas and televisions to everyday surroundings. Still images which previously held dominance are being pushed aside to moving, interactive images, on walls, hand held books and mobile phones. Our memories, which have previously been stored and re-stored in physical still-images, are now seen in our mind as virtual moving-images. With significant development of media technology and public interests media industry in South Korea, these facts influenced to artists’ work and their way of view. Since 1970, with enormous development of media technology, Korea media art itself also has developed with huge support. Video art is an expression of this almost-magical ability of image manipulation that has been given to artists - not only static images, but also moving images, created not only from real world but also from images created within the virtual world within our minds and technology. Since its introduction and adoption by artists, video has become arguably the one of the most versatile and important media for contemporary artists, allowing them to explore the notion and concept of time and narrative in a more flexible manner than they could with more traditional medium. Thus, video, in a relatively short time, became an important part of art history as well as art-making.”


LEE Sang Hyun " Launching a Rocket in the Royal Court " 2009

Artist list:

1. LEE Yongbaek, Angel Soldier, 2009
2. PARK Junbum, Parking series, 2001
3. JEON Joonho,  hyper-realism, 2008
4, Young-Hae Chang heavy industries, What Now?, 2005
5. LEE Haerim, Lash, 2005
6. HAM Kyung Ah, Chasing Yellow, 2001
7. YANG A Chi, Bright Dove Hyunsook, 2010
8. LEE Sanghyun, Day of Flowers and Butterflies, 2010 /  A solitary Lady in the Royal Palace, 2009
9. KIM Beom, Untitled(News), 2002

Screening will be lead by Kyujin Hwang, independent curator specialised in Korean art, at the moment she lives and works in London.
Municipal Institution of Culture