24.03.2011, at 6 p.m
The first film directed by a woman was Alice Guy-Blaché’s La Fée aux Choux (1896, ‘The Cabbage Fairy’). Since that time, the situation of women in the mainstream, experimental and avant-garde cinema has gone through several changes along with the development of technology and feminism. One of the first women artists who appreciated and explored the artistic and political potential of the video were Germaine Dulac, Maya Daren, and Shirley Clark. The second wave of feminism at the end of the 1960s resisted the patriarchal violence and all forms of oppression against female sexuality and corporeality. The second wave concurred with a progress in technology which made cameras more available. New generation of women artists began to use video as a means of expression. We will show the video works of artists who had been born just before or during the time of the second wave of feminism. It will provide an opportunity to examine their art and typical issues, and to look at their national specifics in comparison with the history and feminist waves in women’s video art from Europe and the USA.

Bogna Burska, first part"A Thousand Deaths" (Tysiąc Śmierci), 2010/2011, wideo found footage
Municipal Institution of Culture