The 14th Biennial Event of the Art of Media WRO 2011 Alternative Now presented a overview of current works in the field of contemporary art of media of the last two years. The works presented were chosen from over 2000 proposals received from artists from all over the world. Exhibitions, projections, installation, performances, concerts, website and interactive projects, lectures, presentations, artist talks, meetings with artists and a special programme for the youngest took place in many locations: The Art Centre WRO, The National Museum, Pokoyhof passage, Helios cinema, Jerzy Grotowski Institute, WRO Studio, Entropia gallery, EMDES gallery, Falanster and in public spaces: the Museum of Pan Tadeusz passage and the Breslau Market. 200 artists, 800 accredited guests and over 40000 spectators took part in the events of the 14th Biennial Event of the Art of Media WRO 2011 Alternative Now, the opening of which took place in May and selected exhibitions and presentations were carried out till September. Now we are inviting you to the post-biennial presentations and lectures WRO 2011 Alternative Now on Tour, which are to be composed of WRO Flash documentation, presenting the most important events of the Biennial and the set of video works chosen by the Biennial artistic director, Piotr Krajewski. WRO 2011 Alternative Now on Tour is a forty-minute dynamic abstract of the Biennial events. The programme is composed of the documentation of chosen exhibitions and performances including, for example, the speeches of Sterlac and Istvan Kantor, the concerts of Art Bazaar Records, special events, awarded installations: tele-present water by David Bowen and Mirrorbox Megan Daallder and the concert “Dualicities and Beyond” by the Incite duet. WRO Flash renders the atmosphere and space of the Biennial and shows contemporary trends in the art of media, attitudes and artistic personalities as well as issues present in the curator’s practice. The show of video works collects compositions of diverse subject matter and formality – from sophisticated visual compositions and formal experiments to simple stage productions and performance recordings
Municipal Institution of Culture