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December 2017
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The Vogue catalogue looks like a fashion magazine – photos and pictures are the most important part of it. Ania Witkowska who designed the catalogue is not only an artist but she also works for the big fashion companies – she designs the advertising materials and therefore the catalogue is a very good imitation of such publications. The authors of the catalogue decided not to publish artists’ bios. Instead of it, Paweł Leszkowicz – the curator and author of the preface – focuses on how fashion and clothes create the changeable visual and sexual male identity. He presents and analyzes the works of the following artists: Arkadius, Bergamot Group (Raman Tratsiuk and Volha Maslovskaya), Tomek Kawszyn, Tomek Kitliński, Leszek Knaflewski, Zuza Krajewska & Bartek Wieczorek, Anna Nawrot, Oiko Petersen, Karol Radziszewski and Piotr Żyliński. Since there is no Polish Vogue yet we offer you the art – the taste of luxury and sensuality.However it is really all about decadence and male glamour. See details
Price:15,00 zł
To Have & To Lose - Mireia Sallarès
The exhibition by Mireia Sallarès – an artist from Barcelona – „To Have & To Lose” concerns such issues as sexuality, violence, identity and existence. In her three projects combined with video projections, neons, lightboxes and photographies, the artist presents the stories about the random women's destiny and the fact that each of thoes women create their own identity with reference to the social structures. In her works she is concentrated on a woman from Algeria and her mobile pizza place (Zahii's Cart. The Conversations after Lost Paradise), a young Spanish woman who tries to apply for American residency visa (My Model's Visa II) and Native Mexicans whose sexuality is associated with a pleasure but at the same time provokes the attacks from the goverment cultivating a macho attitude (Las Muertes Chiquitas/Little Deaths). The catalogue designed by Spanish prestige Folch Studio is made of a cardboard envelope, the set of postcards, a folded poster and a information folder with the reprints of the works and critical texts written by the curator of that exhibition – Moritz Neumüller, as well as Mireia Sallarès and Beatriz Herráez.See details
Price:10,00 zł
Iwona Zając, Mum
The catalogue of Iwona Zając mongraphic exhibition „Mum” that took place in Laznia CCA between 6.03–17.04.2009. The exhibition showed the series of pictures and murales presenting the relations between the artist and her mother, one woman and another one who is her younger clone. Those similarities – taken by Iwona as a curse earlier in life – are now being celebrated by the artist. Through her works based on family pictures the artist travelled with her mother to her childchood and youth. The exhibition was a work-in-progress type of event as Iwona Zając was creating her works in Laznia CCA, painting them on the attic walls. The catalogue includes a critical text by Michael Gill, an interview with the artist and an interview with Joanna Cichocka-Gula, the director of the film about Iwona Zając „This is how I look today”. See details
Price:10,00 zł
Project Beyond Postmodernism. Re: Re: reconstruction )
The book „Pathfinder – Project Beyond Postmodernism” is divided in two parts. In the first part of the book there are: a text written by the curator and illuminated essay about the exhibition „Pathfinder – Re:Re:reconstrukction” in Laznia CCA and artists' works and actions. The following participating artists' biographies are also included: Andrzej Dudek Durer, Michał Brzeziński, Carmen Feliu, Agata Michowska, Leszek Golec and Tatiana Czekalska, Marek Rogulski, Paweł Anaszkiewicz, Marek Zygmunt, Andrzej Miastkowski and Leeeżeć Community [Wspólnota Leeeżeć]. Apart from the biographical notes there are also a few examples of their works with self commentaries. The second part of the publication, equally illuminated, presents the idea and the history of the Project Beyond Postmodernism. The conversation between Roman Brombosz and Marek Rogulski brings us closer to the origins of the project which has been realised by TNS Foundation and Ośrodek Badań Przestrzeni Wewnętrznej [Center of the Inner Space Research] since 2000. The main idea of the project is to find a new, possibly wide perspective on postmodernism. The book includes the calendar of the project. The calendar also covers the time before the project - beginning with the actions of Pampers Maxi Group (established in 1988), through the next actions concentrated around the artists connected with TNS Foundation (Auto da Fe Gallery among them), up till now when most of the actions are run together with Spiż7 Gallery. A short calendar of the concerts and music project of a so-called New Improvisation, realised in a framework of the Project Beyond Postmodernism by TNS Records RXS closes the publication.See details
Price:50,00 zł
The exhibition „Banana Republic. The Expression of the Eighties” was accompanied by a illuminated book (165 pages, Polish-English). The publication includes not only the texts written by the curator Jolanta Ciesielska but also the archive texts of the artists who took part in the exhibition, and so far the most complex artistic calendar covering all the events that took place between the years 1979-1993 (written by Maryla Sitkowska). See details
Price:35,00 zł
Laznia - the Bathhouse. Architecture, Art and History
The publication edited by Paweł Leszkowicz was published in order to celebrate Laznia Center for Contemporary Art 10th Anniversary. The book has interdisciplinary character and covers the history of art, architecture, city and customs. The aim of the book is to preserve and present the unique history of that place in cultural history of the City of Gdansk and contemporary art in Poland. The structure of the publication shows the complex history of the actions that took place in the building on 1 Jaskółcza Street in Gdansk. The book is divided in two main parts: the first one treats about the former City Bathouse, the second one – about Laznia as an artistic space and Centre for Contemporary Art. Since 1992 the Former City Bathhouse in Lower Town in Gdańsk was a place for independent artistic actions of artists from Gdańsk who w 1998 roku led to the opening of the institution – Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art. In 2008 Laznia CCA celebrated its 10th Year Anniversary as a cultural institution. But that's not all. The historic building on 1 Jaskółcza Street was open as a City Bathhouse in 1908 therefore a year 2008 is also its 100th Anniversary. We present you the book which covers for the first time the history of Laznia CCA. Laznia is shown as a complex place: a building, a City Bathhouse, an independent art center ruled by the artist and as a public institution. See details
Price:30,00 zł
A Story Differently Told
The book is a catalogue for the exhibition „A Story Differently Told” that took place in Laznia CCA between 6.06–03.08.2008 for Laznia CCA 10th Anniversary. The following artists participated in the exhibition: Tomasz Ciecierski, Jarosław Kozłowski, Zofia Kulik, Aleksandra Polisiewicz, Zbigniew Libera and Darek Foks. Bożena Czubak was a curator.
„A Story Differently Told” is a project that tries to find out in contemporary artists' works artistic polemic ideas to the history of art as we know from the formal discussion and the galleries. The exhibition does not aim to radically demonstrate anything or express any ideological antagonisms but to show more subtle and also double-dealing strategies to veryfy art canons supported by the institutions. The strategies to understand the contemporary art, and understand them in a greater perspective. The artists participating in the exhibition showed different versions of the history, they told their stories about the past differently, they also differently interpreted themselves. The works presented during the exhibition brought into a light all that things that did not meet standard expectations, all that things that developed on a side, outside the mainstream. Their narrations often put the individual memory and experience before straight rules of the art history. The artists offer slightly different way for understanding the contemporaneity and the tradition doubting the herarchy and division.
See details
Price:35,00 zł
Zdzisław Pidek. We remember
The exhbition „Zdzisław Pidek. We remember” was a presentation of the works of the artist from Gdansk who has recently passed away. It was a very special presentation – prepared by his friends, Professors' students. The exhibition was based on Zdzisław Pidek own idea to bring his own works into Laznia CCA space. Zdzisław Pidek was a sculptor and a Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. His memorial works of the special places from Polish contemporary history related to the victims for from Katyn and others have a very important place in his art and they are very differnet from traditional monuments. The main pressure is put on a spectator, his feelings and emotions. The catalogue just like an exhibition tries to analyze his most important works – monuments in Katyn, Charkow, Miednoje, Belzec. The book shows Zdzisław Pidek not only as an artist but also as a pedagogue from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. See details
Price:50,00 zł
Minsk, urban diary
The catalogue printed as a traditional photoalbum of the city presents the works of Belarusian artists who discuss the official image of Minsk and give their subjective perspective on the city. The following artists took part in the exhibition: A. Chkolnikova, O. Gourinovitch, A. Klinau, A. Komarov, K. Konrad, U. Parfianok, L. Prents.See details
Price:8,00 zł
Tomasz Partyka Born and bred
The catalogue of Tomasz Partyka's exhibition – a graduate from Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Partyka – like Antonioni in „Blow-up” who brought spectators' attention to the seemingly unimportant but full of semantic potential details – looks for hidden meanings in common and obvious things. See details
Price:15,00 zł
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