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December 2018
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Wonderful Life
Laurent Mignonneau+Christa Sommerer
Wonderful Life is the newest book in the series entitled Art&Science Meeting. Wonderful Life is dedicated to the art practices of Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer. Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau have been creating interactive works of art together for twenty years now – installations, objects and environments – constituting one of the most important strands of contemporaty new media art. Their work, on the one hand, is characterised by extraordinary invention and innovation in shaping artistic interfaces and strategies for an interactive experience, combined with a gift for the spectacular on a scale rarely encountered in the field of avant-garde art, in which these artists must be included. Yet, on the other hand, it is distinguished by systematic action and penetrating considerations of problems in the field of reflecting on life and its current transformations.See details
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Crude Life The Tissue Culture & Art Project. Oron Catts + Ionat Zurr
Catalogue of "Crude Life" exhibition - a Tissue Culture & Art Project (Oron Catts & Ionat Zurr) retrospective, that took place at Laznia CCA in April 2012. The Tissue Culture & Art Project was established in 1996 to explore the possibilities offered to artists by growing living tissue. The idea of growing objects rather than manufacturing them has been researched and critiqued through the notion of the Semi-Living by TC&A. The artists construct objects using regenerative abilities of the biological body. By growing skin, muscle, bone, nerve cells over various materials TC&A has explored the philosophical and practical aspects of the creation of semi-living. This retrospective exhibition explored the trajectory of artistic experimentation, from growing replicas of prehistoric stone-tools; critiquing the fetish in new approaches to life; growing meat, leather and extra ears… to abstracting the Golem. The TC&A project was central to the establishment in 2000 of SymbioticA - The Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts, School of Anatomy and Human Biology, The University of Western Australia. The book includes theoretical texts concerned with Tissue Culture & Art Project and Crude Life exhibition written by Joanna Zylinska, Monika Bakke, Maciej Ożóg, Ryszard W. Kluszczyński and the artists - Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr.See details
Price:35,00 zł
Towards the third culture The Co - Existence of Art, Science and Technology
The contemporary forms of relations between art and science may be perceived and interpreted in the context of the 20th Century’s discussions on the transformations of culture, which received momentum and publicity as a result of the intervention of C.P. Snow in 1959. Snow […] noted the deepening indifference […] between the world of traditional culture founded on the values of the humanities and the world of science, which focuses mainly on cognitive values. […] The postulated way of overcoming the perceived conflict has received its name in Snow’s discourse of “the third culture”. This term came about in 1964 […]. At that time however, it had an abstract nature, not filled with clear content. Snow […] indicated only an undefined group of social science researchers that would be a beginning of the emerging third culture, thus giving hope of overcoming the otherness dividing the humanities and science. One can argue that Snow did not propose the notion of the third culture but only the term and very general conceptual framework, opening the field for further reflection. He also proposed something very important, namely the perspective of intercultural dialogue as a platform on which the third culture should be formed.See details
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Gilbert & George 'Jack Freak Pictures'
Emily Butler i Markus Hartmann
Catalogue of the individual exhibition of Gilbert & George „Jack Freak Pictures“ wich will take place at Laznia Center for Contemporary Art from 10.11.2011 to 05.02.2012. According to the writer Michael Bracewell, Jack Freak Pictures comprise the single largest group of pictures that Gilbert & George have ever made. It is a monumental presentation of art, at once thematically episodic, confluent in motif and temper, and densely layered with emotional meaning. One pictorial element, however, the red, white and blue design of the Union Jack flag (itself an abstract, geometric pattern) appears to dominate this vivid and disquieting group. Strident, even jocular, this internationally recognized symbol, in all its connotations, from national pride and pageantry to Pop-cultural cool and civic disobedience, transmits its resonance across myriad social and cultural frequencies. Its historic and symbolic presence serves as both heart and spine of the Jack Freak Pictures, at once declamatory, iconic, multi-layered and irrefutable.See details
Price:50,00 zł
The Pleasure of Light. György Kepes and Frank J. Malina on the Intersection of Science and Art
Catalogue of an exhibition co-produced by the National Centre for Culture, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, the National Museum in Gdansk, Ludwig Museum in Budapest and Gdańsk 2016, in the scope of "Art&Science Meeting" project.Both Malina and Kepes tried to find a balance or harmony between art and exact sciences. Work with light – both in private and public spaces – became an important means to change the attitude of inhabitants of cities towards their environment. A creative approach to light is the common feature of the artists’ work and thus has become the key concept of the project "The Pleasure of Light". The exhibition presented at the Green Gate – department of the National Museum in Gdańsk between April 29 – June 26, 2011, showed the parallel lives and the evolution of ideas of the two artists. The catalog includes articles by: Nina Czegledy, Róna Kopeczky, Roger F. Malina, Márton Orosz, Attila Csaji, Fabrice Lapelletrie, Oliver A. I. Botar, Elizabeth Finch, Frank Popper, Barnabás Bencsik and Jadwiga CharzyńskaSee details
Price:28,00 zł
The book edited by Małgorzata Cackowska is the next project realised after the publication „Laznia – the Bathhouse. Architecture, Art and History” published in 2008 on Laznia CCA 10th Anniversary. The idea of the book is to show only one but very important field of Laznia CCA intrests – the educational idea and Laznia CCA educational projects presented in wide social, cultural and educational contexts. The aim of this publication is – apart from the cognitive function – its utilitarianism. The examples of actions described in the book and selected theoretical references can be useful for a wide spectrum of people (social sciences scholars, cultural animators, reflective educators, teachers, tutors, cultural institution workers) for educational aims and learning how the cultural institution can influence the social changes, and for deepening own reflections. See details
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The Vogue catalogue looks like a fashion magazine – photos and pictures are the most important part of it. Ania Witkowska who designed the catalogue is not only an artist but she also works for the big fashion companies – she designs the advertising materials and therefore the catalogue is a very good imitation of such publications. The authors of the catalogue decided not to publish artists’ bios. Instead of it, Paweł Leszkowicz – the curator and author of the preface – focuses on how fashion and clothes create the changeable visual and sexual male identity. He presents and analyzes the works of the following artists: Arkadius, Bergamot Group (Raman Tratsiuk and Volha Maslovskaya), Tomek Kawszyn, Tomek Kitliński, Leszek Knaflewski, Zuza Krajewska & Bartek Wieczorek, Anna Nawrot, Oiko Petersen, Karol Radziszewski and Piotr Żyliński. Since there is no Polish Vogue yet we offer you the art – the taste of luxury and sensuality.However it is really all about decadence and male glamour. See details
Price:15,00 zł
To Have & To Lose - Mireia Sallarès
The exhibition by Mireia Sallarès – an artist from Barcelona – „To Have & To Lose” concerns such issues as sexuality, violence, identity and existence. In her three projects combined with video projections, neons, lightboxes and photographies, the artist presents the stories about the random women's destiny and the fact that each of thoes women create their own identity with reference to the social structures. In her works she is concentrated on a woman from Algeria and her mobile pizza place (Zahii's Cart. The Conversations after Lost Paradise), a young Spanish woman who tries to apply for American residency visa (My Model's Visa II) and Native Mexicans whose sexuality is associated with a pleasure but at the same time provokes the attacks from the goverment cultivating a macho attitude (Las Muertes Chiquitas/Little Deaths). The catalogue designed by Spanish prestige Folch Studio is made of a cardboard envelope, the set of postcards, a folded poster and a information folder with the reprints of the works and critical texts written by the curator of that exhibition – Moritz Neumüller, as well as Mireia Sallarès and Beatriz Herráez.See details
Price:10,00 zł
Iwona Zając, Mum
The catalogue of Iwona Zając mongraphic exhibition „Mum” that took place in Laznia CCA between 6.03–17.04.2009. The exhibition showed the series of pictures and murales presenting the relations between the artist and her mother, one woman and another one who is her younger clone. Those similarities – taken by Iwona as a curse earlier in life – are now being celebrated by the artist. Through her works based on family pictures the artist travelled with her mother to her childchood and youth. The exhibition was a work-in-progress type of event as Iwona Zając was creating her works in Laznia CCA, painting them on the attic walls. The catalogue includes a critical text by Michael Gill, an interview with the artist and an interview with Joanna Cichocka-Gula, the director of the film about Iwona Zając „This is how I look today”. See details
Price:10,00 zł
Project Beyond Postmodernism. Re: Re: reconstruction )
The book „Pathfinder – Project Beyond Postmodernism” is divided in two parts. In the first part of the book there are: a text written by the curator and illuminated essay about the exhibition „Pathfinder – Re:Re:reconstrukction” in Laznia CCA and artists' works and actions. The following participating artists' biographies are also included: Andrzej Dudek Durer, Michał Brzeziński, Carmen Feliu, Agata Michowska, Leszek Golec and Tatiana Czekalska, Marek Rogulski, Paweł Anaszkiewicz, Marek Zygmunt, Andrzej Miastkowski and Leeeżeć Community [Wspólnota Leeeżeć]. Apart from the biographical notes there are also a few examples of their works with self commentaries. The second part of the publication, equally illuminated, presents the idea and the history of the Project Beyond Postmodernism. The conversation between Roman Brombosz and Marek Rogulski brings us closer to the origins of the project which has been realised by TNS Foundation and Ośrodek Badań Przestrzeni Wewnętrznej [Center of the Inner Space Research] since 2000. The main idea of the project is to find a new, possibly wide perspective on postmodernism. The book includes the calendar of the project. The calendar also covers the time before the project - beginning with the actions of Pampers Maxi Group (established in 1988), through the next actions concentrated around the artists connected with TNS Foundation (Auto da Fe Gallery among them), up till now when most of the actions are run together with Spiż7 Gallery. A short calendar of the concerts and music project of a so-called New Improvisation, realised in a framework of the Project Beyond Postmodernism by TNS Records RXS closes the publication.See details
Price:50,00 zł
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