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Bałtycka Biblioteka Cyfrowa
May 2018
Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art
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Zdzisław Pidek. We remember
The exhbition „Zdzisław Pidek. We remember” was a presentation of the works of the artist from Gdansk who has recently passed away. It was a very special presentation – prepared by his friends, Professors' students. The exhibition was based on Zdzisław Pidek own idea to bring his own works into Laznia CCA space. Zdzisław Pidek was a sculptor and a Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. His memorial works of the special places from Polish contemporary history related to the victims for from Katyn and others have a very important place in his art and they are very differnet from traditional monuments. The main pressure is put on a spectator, his feelings and emotions. The catalogue just like an exhibition tries to analyze his most important works – monuments in Katyn, Charkow, Miednoje, Belzec. The book shows Zdzisław Pidek not only as an artist but also as a pedagogue from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. See details
Price:50,00 zł
Minsk, urban diary
The catalogue printed as a traditional photoalbum of the city presents the works of Belarusian artists who discuss the official image of Minsk and give their subjective perspective on the city. The following artists took part in the exhibition: A. Chkolnikova, O. Gourinovitch, A. Klinau, A. Komarov, K. Konrad, U. Parfianok, L. Prents.See details
Price:8,00 zł
Tomasz Partyka Born and bred
The catalogue of Tomasz Partyka's exhibition – a graduate from Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Partyka – like Antonioni in „Blow-up” who brought spectators' attention to the seemingly unimportant but full of semantic potential details – looks for hidden meanings in common and obvious things. See details
Price:20,00 zł
Krzysztof Gliszczyński, Autoportret à retour
The catalogue of the monographic exhibition that took place in Laznia CCA in 2007/2008. The exhibition presented series of pictures, self-portraits, filled with specially prepared artistic matter. The aim of the exhibition was to create the portrait that would have that something that is hidden in mass conciousness. The publication includes a text by PhD. Urszula Szulakowska. See details
Price:18,00 zł
The catalogue was published for Ewa Kobylarczyk's exhibition in Laznia CCA and presents her artistic actions done in Venice. The artist carefully covered many places of that floating city. She wrapped the arcades, wells, fountains and lions statues – the symbols of the city patron, St. Mark - with airy material. With this subtle ingerention into the urban landscape visible to the pedestrians she tried to tell the story about exclusion and oblivion. See details
Price:3,00 zł
Space as the place
The catalogue of the exhibition which consists of three individual artistic philosophies by Danuta Karsten, Katarzyna Józefowicz and Dominik Lejman. The idea of organism that „floods” the galleries and dialogs with the established architecture, based on the reflection about focusing on a detail that Karsten and Józefowicz's monumental instalations and Lejman's videofrescos are made of. See details
Price:25,00 zł
Last News
The catalogue of the „Last News” exhibition that is a continuation of „Bad News” exhibition and consists of the texts and documentation of the artistic works inspired by the mass media and its contemporary perception. The curators of both exhibitions and the autors of the texts are: Magdalena Ujma-Gawlik and Joanna Zielińska – the informal group „exgirls”. The autors analyze the artistic actions in a context of disapperaring truth of the picture through its multiplication and manipulation on many various media levels. The catalogue includes texts by Jadwiga Charzyńska and Jan Sowa as well as an illuminated part dedicated to the participants of the exhibition: Carla Cruz, Hubert Czerepok, Christoph Draeger, Jon Mikel Euba, The Atlas Group / Walid Raad, Paweł Mitenko& David Ter Oganyan, Gianni Motti, Dan Perjovschi, Wilhelm Sasnal, Janek Simon, Sean Snyder and Hito Steyerl.See details
Price:12,00 zł
Baltic Club
The catalogue presenting the effects of the Polish-Russian working group meeting, consisting of scientists from various fields as well as artists and curators. It’s aim was to study together the phenomenon of East Prussia. It includes essays by: A. Wołodźko, E. Cwietajewa, J. Burdun, B. Domagała, M. Wołodźko, A. Sołogubov, H. Bilewicz, K. Brakoniecki, E. Gładkowska, A. Popadlin. Additionally there’s a CD record with the outcome of a meeting between Gdansk and Kaliningrad musicians.See details
Price:20,00 zł
Manipulations. On Economies of Deceit
The catalogue „Manipulations. On Economy of Deceit” deals with issues of manipulation, illusion, or even of deceit – understood as artistic strategies. The problem of a theoretical attitude towards these terms is that – regardless of whether we approve of them or if we negate them – they imply an artistic representation which neither manipulates nor deceives. It can even be expected that a medium that is used in art is applied in a “manipulative” manner towards a concrete end, and it is expected from an artistic practice that by means of illusion it will create an interesting field of reference which in turn, by its reception, shall activate an intellectual play.See details
Price:25,00 zł
Nomads of Nowadays
The catalogue includes a text on the subject of the phenomenon of mobility – travelling and moving of people as something characteristic of the global era society. The authors attempt to answer the following questions: How far does the phenomenon of mobility on a large scale and breaking up the permanent bond between a man and a place enrich our knowledge about other cultures we encounter on the way? How far does the mobility result in a feeling of alienation from the surroundings? How much does it increase our tolerance towards ‘alien’ and to what extent does it lead to the withdrawal to the closest circle of people similar to us. Is multiculturalism or cultural homogeneity the effect of everyday meetings of people coming from various cultures? To what extent does our awareness of our temporary place of residence make us change our attitude towards our own habitat?See details
Price:19,00 zł
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