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December 2018
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Baltic Club
The catalogue presenting the effects of the Polish-Russian working group meeting, consisting of scientists from various fields as well as artists and curators. It’s aim was to study together the phenomenon of East Prussia. It includes essays by: A. Wołodźko, E. Cwietajewa, J. Burdun, B. Domagała, M. Wołodźko, A. Sołogubov, H. Bilewicz, K. Brakoniecki, E. Gładkowska, A. Popadlin. Additionally there’s a CD record with the outcome of a meeting between Gdansk and Kaliningrad musicians.See details
Price:20,00 zł
Manipulations. On Economies of Deceit
The catalogue „Manipulations. On Economy of Deceit” deals with issues of manipulation, illusion, or even of deceit – understood as artistic strategies. The problem of a theoretical attitude towards these terms is that – regardless of whether we approve of them or if we negate them – they imply an artistic representation which neither manipulates nor deceives. It can even be expected that a medium that is used in art is applied in a “manipulative” manner towards a concrete end, and it is expected from an artistic practice that by means of illusion it will create an interesting field of reference which in turn, by its reception, shall activate an intellectual play.See details
Price:25,00 zł
Nomads of Nowadays
The catalogue includes a text on the subject of the phenomenon of mobility – travelling and moving of people as something characteristic of the global era society. The authors attempt to answer the following questions: How far does the phenomenon of mobility on a large scale and breaking up the permanent bond between a man and a place enrich our knowledge about other cultures we encounter on the way? How far does the mobility result in a feeling of alienation from the surroundings? How much does it increase our tolerance towards ‘alien’ and to what extent does it lead to the withdrawal to the closest circle of people similar to us. Is multiculturalism or cultural homogeneity the effect of everyday meetings of people coming from various cultures? To what extent does our awareness of our temporary place of residence make us change our attitude towards our own habitat?See details
Price:19,00 zł
Unwanted Heritage.
Part 1: Various Faces of the Modern Architecture in Gdansk and Sopot.
Part 2: is a record of the panel discussion which accompanied the exhibition.
The catalogue prepared by Jacek Fredrich, Ewa Barylewska-Szymańska, Wojciech Szymański and Agnieszka Wołodźko. Part One includes texts by: Ewa Barylewska-Szymańska, Wojciech Szymański, Jacek Friedrich, Agnieszka Wołodźko, Jan Wenzel and Kiryll Koval. Whereas Part Two is a record of the panel discussion which accompanied the exhibition.See details
Price:20,00 zł
Galleries and Other Art Places in Poland
A documentation of the ‘Independant Galleries’ Forum, which took place in October 2000 in the ‘Wyspa Gallery’ in Gdansk. The documentation was enriched with a guidebook to new places and organizations up to June 2005. Galleries and other art places which feature on CD (apart from basic information, there are concepts and ideas, artists’ presentations, etc.): a.r.t., amfilada, AT, biała, entropia, fort sztuki, inner space, jakubowo 5, kolonia artystów, koło, Manhattan, modelarnia, moje muzeum, muzeum artystów, nad wisłą & fundacja praktyk artystycznych "i", on, otwarta pracownia, podlaska, potocka, prowincjonalna, pww, Bq, raster, sadz, sektor I, spam, stowarzyszenie 36,6, warszawski aktyw artystów, wieża ciśnień, wschodnia, wymiany, wyspa, zmiana organizacji ruchu.See details
Price:20,00 zł
Re: Location 1-7 Shake cz. 2
This catalog includes a summary of the project “Re: Location 1-7 / Shake” that all together presented the works by over 110 artists from 24 countries and organized 21 exhibitions in 3 years. The idea of the exhibition “Re: Location 1 - 7 / Shake” has its origin in a desire to create a new canon of the artistic exchange in Europe. The particular exhbitions inaugurates a rich and fruitful dialogue between artists, curators and audience.See details
Price:35,00 zł
Re: Location 6 ukryte pragnienia/ re(framed) locations, dis(covered) desires
The catalogue of an exhibition held at the Laznia CCA within the project “Re: location”. It concerned the "troublesome phenomenon of incapacity and inability to communicate in a world full of communication tools." The exhibition icluded J. Fliciński, P. Mrzyk, J. – F. Moriceau, B. Dellsperger, D. Lejman, H. Czerepok, M. MacLeodSee details
Price:10,00 zł
Public Spaces
The exhibition presenting the artists’ attitudes towards public space, in this case towards Gdansk. Its aim was to deconstruct traditional division between artists and audience. The residents of Gdansk consciously or not participated in the execution of works of art. The exhibition included: A. Demirijan, D. Elsayed, A. Karska, A. Went, A. K. Urbański, M. Boczniowicz i A. Wołodźko.See details
Price:5,00 zł
A way of life
The catalogue of the exhibition presenting the problems related to maintaining the material life of the artists in contemporary Poland. The catalogue includes essays by: M. Lisiewicz, Ł. Gorczyca, M. Krajewski, M. Szeląg and A. Jakubowska, and interviews with J. Bereś, P. Kwiek, P. Althamer, J. Wójcik, R. Dziadkiewicz i B. Burska.See details
Price:10,00 zł
City Transformers
The catalogue documenting the ‘City Transformers’ project, which was supposed to provide a platform for discussion on the transformation of Gdansk and the possibilities given by the opening to the European Union as well as a chance to expand the city centre into an area of the former Gdansk Shipyard. It includes materials by the participants ofartistic workshops: S. Bitter, H. Weber, D. Hatcher, G. Klaman, Low – Res Group, Z . Oksiuta, M. Potrc, C. Ramirez, M. Munoz, E. Ursprung, A. Wołodźko, J. Wójcie, Ch. Yuan Chu, A. Heng, H. Skon Yeen and L. Foo Koon and a record of talks given during the ‘Committed Art and the Architecture of the City’.See details
Price:20,00 zł
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