LAZNIA 1 LAZNIA 2 Invisible Architectures - open call
Where are all the places we have lost? And which role do they still play in our lives?
Transformed because of urban planning / destroyed by war / scenes of emotional conflicts or turning points in our life. These - and others - are the places that, over time, have become invisible to our eyes. We do not visit them anymore because it is too dangerous, or too painful, because their walls have fallen down or it is apparently pointless. And despite all, their architecture is stuck somewhere in our memory. 
Simone Basani and Alice Ciresola, residents at LAZNIA CCA, are currently working on ‘Invisible Architectures’, a performance based on memories of Tricity’s citizens about their own lost places.
Do you have memories of a place that doesn’t exist anymore? It could have been located in Tricity or elsewhere in the world. If so, we would like to interview you. Let’s meet, your story could become part of the performance.
Do you speak Russian and English? Do you speak Polish and English? Do you speak the three of them? And maybe got some spare time? We are looking for you. Join our translation team!
Are you a dancer, actor or performer? We are looking for a collaboration with professionals interested in performative documentation strategies and transmission of others’ stories.
Please contact us by the 20th of September, 2018.
Write to us at
Take a look at the trailer of ‘Invisible Architectures’ project where Beata is telling about her lost place in Gdansk.
The project is conducted in collaboration with the Immigrant Support Center in Gdansk - thank you for the support! 
'Invisible architectures' is a part of an international project Artecitya, financed by the Creative Europe 2014-2020 program.

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